How To Roast Corn

All About How To Roast Corn

If you want your corn to have a unique flavor, you may want to learn how to roast corn. Trying out different ways to cook your favorite dishes can add zip to otherwise boring foods. Your family will appreciate the change and you might like it so much that you won’t want to have any other way. Learning ways to enhance foods, like how to roast corn is one way to improve your cooking techniques and your family will be very happy with these changes.

When you roast corn it does change the flavor. During the roasting process the corn caramelizes and may even turn a light brown color. Much like when onions are caramelized, you get a deeper richer taste. You can add a bit of butter and salt before roasting the corn. This helps in the process and you get even more flavor. There are a few ways to learn how to roast corn and you should choose a way that is easiest for you.

The first and easiest way to learn how to roast corn is to cook it in your oven.  You will have to prepare them first. Peel the corn husk back and remove all of the strands of silk. You can also remove a few leaves of husk, so that you can keep the corn covered. But do not remove them all. Without the husks the corn cannot be protected from the heat of the oven and it is likely to turn a deep brown color and become too crunchy. When you leave the husks on it keeps the corn juicy and softer. When you are done removing the silks place the ears of corn in water for at least two hours. You can also do this overnight in the refrigerator.  Soaking the corn adds moisture so that the corn does not dry out when you roast it. After the soaking process you can place the ears in a shallow glass roasting pan and preheat your oven to around three hundred fifty degrees.  At this point you can wipe melted butter and add salt and pepper to the corn. Make sure the husks are covering the corn before you place them in the oven. Roast the corn for ten to fifteen minutes. Take them out of the oven when they are done and remove all of the husks.

The most delicious way to roast corn is on your barbeque grill. But never roast the corn on a high setting. You will want the temperature to be around three hundred fifty degrees, so a medium setting is perfect. You can prepare the corn for roasting by again removing the silks and leaving the husks on. Or another option is taking the husks completely off. Just remember which ever method you use, the corn will have to be soaked in water before you cook them. If you are leaving the husks off, be sure to soak the corn overnight in water to insure that it does not burn or turn out too tough to eat. You can even blanch the corn before you roast it. This way you will only have to roast it for a short period of time.  You can place the corn anywhere on the grill. If it is directly over the heat source be sure to turn it occasionally while cooking, so the corn cooks evenly and does not burn. You can also wipe melted butter and seasonings on the corn while it is cooking on the grill. If you keep turning the corn while cooking it, you will know when it is done by its lighter tan color.