How To Kill Maggots

Maggots are among the grossest insects on the planet, and knowing how to kill maggots is something everyone should know just in case they suddenly appear in your home. Maggots are fly larvae, and while most people can live with a few flies around, nobody can live with maggots.

Maggots eat things that are rotten and/or dead. They like dead meat, whether it be animals or people, and all kinds of garbage. Maggots will invade any rotting food. All it takes to have maggots is a moist garbage pail or an open bag of garbage. The fly/larvae cycle is pretty disgusting. Flies eat food, many times your own food, and then they go off and mate. Fly eggs are laid in dead meat and garbage-type places, and then the maggots emerge.

If you are not successful at learning how to kill maggots, they will eat and eat and eat anything to which they can attach themselves. Then they will go to a nice, smelly, moist place for the pupa stage, which is where they cover themselves with a cocoon. The adult fly will emerge out of the cocoon.

Maggots are the tiny equivalent of vultures. Their favorite food is dead and rotting meat. If you think all of this is pretty disgusting, just consider for a moment that in the past maggots were used to clean human wounds. They were placed in a wound to eat out infected tissue so that it could heal. Thankfully, this is no longer the most popular wound treatment!

Learning how to kill maggots is not hard but it is even easier to keep maggots from forming in the first place. The best answer is to kill the flies so they never have a chance to mate and lay eggs. You can kill them with fly sprays and if you only have a few, the traditional fly swatter still works pretty well.

Because both flies and maggots are attracted to rotting food, make sure you don’t have any inside or outside of the house. Never leave out uncovered garbage bags and keep your garbage pail clean inside and out. Any food leftovers that you intend to throw out should be wrapped well in plastic or covered with another material when you place them in the garbage bag. Any leftover or spoiled meats should not be placed in the garbage until pick-up day. They should be kept in the freezer until then so they don’t smell.

If all of these efforts fail, you will still need to know how to kill maggots. The absolute best method is to pour boiling water on them. If they are in the garbage pail, pour boiling water into the pail--wherever maggots are found, kill them with boiling water. The second best method of killing maggots is freezing them to death. The only problem with this method is that you have to gather them all up in one spot, then use a broom or other method to get them into a plastic bag. Seal the bag and into the freezer they go.

Hot water will effectively kill maggots, but if you want something even stronger, add some bleach to the water. This will more than do the job. You can also add ammonia but never add bleach and ammonia at the same time as the combined fumes can actually kill you, and at the very least send you to the hospital emergency room.

Another good preventative maggot treatment is to frequently sprinkle some diatomaceous earth into your garbage bag and your garbage pail. It will dry up any moisture and the dust will keep the fly eggs from hatching into maggots in the first place.

If maggots are not killed, they can continue to thrive and spread lots of germs which can cause illnesses. Always keep your home clean inside and out so that you do not encounter this situation.