How To Get Rid Of Gophers

If you are finding raised mounds all over your property you may have to learn how to get rid of gophers. These creatures can wreck havoc on a lawn and damage plants and roots system throughout your yard. Luckily, there are many ways to do this.

Gophers are small rodent like creatures who like to burrow underground. There, they spend most of their time storing food and caring for their young. Although they come in many colors, most gophers are brown and look similar to a large mouse. They have shortened tails and smaller eyes and ears but one thing that sets them apart is their teeth. They protrude out and are extremely large and yellow. But chances are you won’t ever see the culprit. These rodents hide very well and only come out of there mounds at night.

Because the mounds that gophers form are so similar, you first have to determine if you have a gopher problem. Moles are just as bad as gophers but they have completely different habits. For instance a mole burrows through the entire yard leaving a long upraised pathway that shows where he has been. Gophers burrow and throw the excess dirt around the mound hole. So if the hole looks like a raised volcano shape, then it is probably not a gopher hole. Gophers leave dug up soil around the base of the mound and they can make 3 or 4 new mounds everyday.

These mounds are not only unsightly but can do damage to trees, flowers or any other plants that have a deep roots system. If children are playing on the lawn they can trip and fall over one of these mounds, making your yard an unsafe area. But there are ways to learn how to get rid of gophers.

One very difficult but 100% effective way to rid your yard of gophers is to use tight metal fencing. You will have to dig approximately 2 feet down and put the fencing in place. But this must be done all around the boundary lines of your yard. The gophers will not be able to get through the tight fencing but root systems and other underground insects and worms will have no problem getting through. So this method in no way damages anything, including the gopher. You must also have the fencing at least one foot above the ground, so that the rodent is also unable to jump over the fence.

If you want to learn how to get rid of gophers without doing them any damage you can set live traps to catch the gopher. First, you must find one of its mounds. Using a shovel, dig down to find the main pathway the gopher uses. Once you have established where the pathways are, on either side place the live traps. You can check each morning to see if you have captured the offending gopher.

You can flood out the gopher using a garden hose. Find one of the mounds and dig down to the main pathway. You can use a long stick or rod to make sure that you are going into the area where the gopher spends most of his time. When you find the main path, place the hose inside the whole and extend it as far as you can into the whole. Turn the hose on full blast and let it run for at least 15 minutes. This will destroy all of the pathways but not the gopher. So this method only works temporarily.

When learning how to get rid of gophers any of these methods are known to work. The choice on how to do it is up to you. If it is a big problem then the tight fencing is the answer. If there are only 1 or 2 mounds then try the flooding method.