How To Get Engaged

How to Get Engaged: Four Creative Ideas

Many people wonder how to get engaged. It is one of the defining moments in a person’s life and, hopefully, will only happen one time. For those reasons, it is important to make the occasion special and memorable.

Here are a few ideas for the perfect popping of the question.  Some ideas cost more than others, but there is an idea below to fit every budget.

Dinner on the Beach

This will take some advance planning along with some help from your friends. While you are with your girlfriend, have your friends set up a table on the beach complete with flowers, a tablecloth and two chairs.  What the dinner includes is not too important, but it should be special.  Another option, if you’d like to keep it simple, you could go out to dinner and then just dessert would be served on the beach.

At some point, tell her you want to go for a walk on the beach. As you walk, you’ll come across the table. At that point, your friends can scoot. Enjoy a romantic bite on the beach and then get down on one knee and pop the question.

It’s in the Bag

The bag on M&Ms. Ever since this candy giant allowed their candy to be personalized, it has opened up the doors for a fun and quirky proposal. You can order two messages on each bag of M&Ms.  One should be Marry me? The other can be your names or the date of the proposal.

As you’re relaxing one evening, offer her a bag of candy. Don’t say anything at first. Just wait and see if she notices. Of course, if she is nearing the end of the bag and hasn’t got a clue, you may want to drop a hint.

Once she sees the message on the candy, it’s time to break out the ring and ask her to marry you.

Involve the Waitress

This takes some advance planning with the restaurant, but it will be well worth the hefty extra tip you’ll need to provide.

Arrange for the waitress to bring a small gift every time she comes near the table. It could be a flower or a box of candy. When she takes your order, your girlfriend gets a gift, when she refills the water, there is a gift. You get the idea.

The very last gift will be a small box containing the ring.

A Night at the Movies

This is the most costly of the ideas listed. To pull this off you’ll need to rent advertising space on the screen at the local movie theater. The cost will depend on your location and the theater.  Prices vary, so you’ll need to check in your area.

Have a friend who is great with graphic design create an ad that features the message “Will You Marry Me?” It could include photos of the two of you and should be personalized to include both your names. She’ll just think you’re going to see a movie. When your ad pops up, she’ll get the surprise of her life!

Of course, these are just a few of thousands of possible ideas. You are limited only by your imagination. Use these ideas as a starting point to planning your own unique and memorable moment.