How To Forget Someone

One of the things many people who break up with their boyfriends or girlfriends or get divorced want to know is how to forget someone. Romance can begin very quickly and it can end just as quickly. Most people who want to know how to forget someone have a broken heart.

Unless you are very young and the relationship is very fleeting, you are never going to learn how to forget someone. Once a person has been a part of your life, it is highly unlikely that you will forget them entirely. Every person that has ever had a place in our life becomes a part of our consciousness.

That doesn’t mean you are going to sit around every day and mourn a lost love but it does mean that once someone has touched you in a profound way even for a short period of time, trying to learn how to forget someone is not an option. So, whether it is the end of a relationship or someone you loved has died, you need to change your focus from dwelling on the loss to getting beyond it.

You can’t ever learn how to forget someone but you can learn how to move on. One of the first things to do is cry. While this comes more naturally for women than for men, no one should feel weak because they cry. Crying is a way of releasing hurt and grief. Be private about it. No one needs to see you cry, you just need the big emotional release that crying gives.

You are never going to learn how to forget someone if you go to places where you know the other person hangs out. Stay away from anywhere the guy or gal is apt to show up. It’s not always that easy. Sometimes you might have to work with the person, or if you are going through a divorce, you might even have to partner in raising the children.

In these instances, forgetting someone is just not an option, but you can control your emotions and the focus you have when the other person is around. You can control how often the ex is in your thoughts and any negative attitudes you may have about wanting to make them hurt or get even. Keep a positive, calm approach.

One way that many people learn how to forget someone is by filling up their time with extra work, or volunteering for non-profits, or taking up a hobby they have always wanted to try. Guys often go hunting and fishing to forget about things. You can take up a sport, like running or kayaking or hiking. Go to baseball games or movies or take a trip somewhere.

Ask for help from your friends and family. There is nothing like being with other people you love to help wounds to heal. If you wish, you can start out by telling them that talking about the break-up is off-limits unless you bring it up. Friends can even get you out of your house to take your mind off of things. Go out to dinner, work out together, or go shopping. The world looks a lot more positive when you are out taking part in activities and not sitting home feeling sorry for yourself.

You will never truly forget someone you loved but the passage of time does make the transition easier. As time passes, you will be able to distance yourself from events and be more accepting of the situation. If someone tells you it’s easy or even possible to truly forget someone, they are dead wrong. And, if you are having problems in getting on with your life, counseling can go a long way towards helping you deal with the process.