How To Eat A Coconut

Most people in America don’t grow up knowing how to eat a coconut. For the most part, coconut is a food that comes in plastic bags from the grocery store, all shredded in small pieces just right for adding to a cookie recipe or the frosting on a cake. In tropical climates, where coconut trees abound, there are many more opportunities to learn how to eat a coconut.

But just because you don’t know how to eat a coconut, it doesn’t mean you should whisk right by them in the fruit section of the grocery store. After all, eating a coconut is a learned skill, and anyone can become an expert with a little instruction. Just practice the following steps and you will soon be a master when it comes to how to eat a coconut.

First of all, coconuts are literally hard as a rock. That means that unless you are chef and totally experienced in the use of a sharp knife, don’t try to open your coconut with a knife. Instead, head over to your toolbox and get a hammer and a nail. With the hammer method, you should start by locating the end of the coconut that has what look like three little eyes.

Open up two of these three holes by pounding the nail into them with your hammer. Let the coconut water out by pouring it into a glass or a bowl. Next, start looking for a line that begins at the top of the coconut and runs all the way down to the other end. Your hammer is the perfect tool to use to pound on that line all the way around the coconut. The coconut will then fall apart, breaking into two halves. Sometimes it takes more than once around with the hammer for the coconut to break open. Some of them can very stubborn but eventually you will have a coconut split down the middle.

Then, take your knife and start to cut the white coconut meat off the shell. This is the part of the coconut you are going to eat. You will be amazed at how good a fresh coconut tastes, especially if you have been eating processed shredded coconut for your whole life. Coconut isn’t just for dessert either. You can make all types of complete meals using coconut. Just check out some of the recipes on the internet.

Now you know how to eat a coconut. But chances are at least one of you out there is wondering what to do if you have a coconut and no hammer and nail. Then, all you need to do is find the hardest object you can find and whack your coconut against it until it breaks. This could be almost anything surface--your front steps, a railing, counter, wood pile or concrete block.

Coconuts have lots of nutrients and can be used to prevent certain diseases as well as to promote overall healing. They do have a high amount of fat but coconut is one of those foods where the goodness of the other nutrients probably outweighs any negatives from fat content. Coconuts are high in protein and amino acids, plus it has such minerals as sulfur, magnesium, and potassium. The benefits of coconuts include helping with intestinal problems, urinary disorders and skin conditions.

Drinking or using coconut milk in recipes is one way to take in all of the nutrients. Coconut milk is not the water that you poured out of the holes on the end of the coconut. Rather, it is what is made by boiling water with the coconut meat. You can use varying amounts of parts water to parts coconut to make the milk thicker or thinner.

Now that you know how to eat a coconut, you never have to be nervous about buying one, plus you can show off your skills to all of your friends.