How To Bowl

Learning How to Bowl

If you are trying to learn how to bowl, it is pretty simple. Bowling is a sport that does not require a lot of practice and the whole family can enjoy doing it. It isn’t as difficult as most sports because in between frames you can eat, drink or converse without compromising your game. You don’t need any special uniforms and it is an inexpensive way for the family to have quality fun time without breaking your budget.

Although you can purchase any equipment you use when you are bowling, you can also just rent it. In all Bowling alleys they have proper bowling shoes to wear and a large selection of bowling balls. At these alleys, kids might also enjoy a variety of video games and the opportunity to meet new friends while they enjoy bowling.

When you first start to bowl you may be embarrassed that your score is so low. But with a bit of practice and some helpful hints, you can successfully learn how to bowl. You can start with the equipment you are using.

When you enter a bowling alley the first thing you do is rent your shoes. The bowling alley lanes are heavily waxed and without these protective shoes the lanes can become damaged. The shoes also help you to slide a bit if you need to, when throwing out your balls. Give the counter help the exact size of your shoe and make sure to try them on. The shoes must be comfortable and fit right.

After choosing your shoes, you then can pick a ball. The balls have finger holes and they come in many different sizes. Your fingers should fit securely into the holes. But your hand must feel comfortable and the fingers should be spaced apart according to your hand size. The weight of the ball is important too. If you have a problem handling the ball, then it is too large. But if the ball does not weigh enough, you may not knock over any pins. You should find a ball that is heavy enough to do damage but also light enough for you to comfortably carry around.

When you approach the lane to throw your ball do not step over the lane line. It is best to stand two to three steps back from it. You will want to take these three steps in a full action to throw the ball. Starting with your left foot, start to step up to the lane line. At the same time holding the bowling ball, swing your arm back to get enough power to throw the ball. On the third step, throw the ball towards the pins located at the end of the lane.

You will want to aim for the center of the pins to try and knock them all down. There are pin points put into the area before the lane line. These are used as guides so that you know where to aim the ball. Aim right between the center pin point and the one right next to it.

There is only one rule to remember when learning how to bowl. Hold your hand and arm straight.  Make sure that when you go to release the ball your thumb is pointing at the pins. If you twist your arm before you deliver the ball, it will curve and not go in the direction you want it to. If you cannot do this at first, do not be discouraged. Many bowlers have a curve to their throw and they can’t get rid of it. The good thing is, if you use the marked in pin points you can compensate for your ball curve.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to bowling. But the point of this game is to socialize, learn a new sport and most importantly, to have fun.