House Gnats

On House Gnats

Many people enjoy having animals around the house. Gnats, however, are not usually on the list when it comes to potential pets. While they don’t do any great harm to humans, common house gnats do tend to cause us a fair amount of annoyance. If you have gnats creating a nuisance in your place, there are some things you can do to get rid of them and keep them from making a comeback.

About The Gnat

Gnats are tiny, mosquito-like creatures with brown or black bodies and clear wings. In flight, they appear as little dark specks flitting about. Some gnats are bloodsuckers and others merely bite.

You often won’t feel it when a gnat has bitten you, but the area will later itch and might hurt a bit. Make sure to wash the area thoroughly when you find that a gnat has nibbled on you. To be cautious, rub some antiseptic or antibiotic ointment on the bite. You can put ice on the affected skin to minimize the effects.

Luckily, house gnats are not of the bloodsucking variety and usually stick to assaulting your produce and house plants and leave you and your family alone.

House gnats are sometimes called fruit flies even though they technically are not. They are attracted to organic materials like plants and food, and will congregate around these things. They will lay eggs in the soil of your houseplants and will happily dine on overripe fruit, causing it to rot even faster. It can be rather off-putting to see tiny black bugs swirling around your fruit bowl.

Have you ever seen a cloud of buzzing gnats hovering about eye-level around dusk? This is called a “ghost,” and is a collection of males of the species hoping to attract mates.

Gnat Elimination

Getting rid of gnats is fairly easy. Not only do you have the size advantage, there are plenty of things you can do to rid yourself of pesky house gnats and prevent them from coming back.