Honeymoon Gift Ideas

Six Great Honeymoon Gift Ideas

If a couple that is very special to you is getting married, you may be interested in some honeymoon gift ideas. These are gifts that would be given separately from the wedding gift and are, of course, completely optional.

Usually, only the closest family members and friends would consider such gifts, but they are sure to be greatly appreciated by the couple.

Here are six wonderful honeymoon gift ideas.

Hotel Gift Certificate

If you know at which hotel the couple plans to spend their honeymoon, consider a gift certificate to that hotel. You could also call the hotel and see if you could pay them directly as a surprise to the couple.

When the couple goes to check in, they will be told that the room has been fully or partially paid for as a gift. What a great surprise!

Fun in Their Room

If possible, consider stopping by the hotel to drop off some items that can be placed in the couple’s room. The items could include a bottle of champagne, a romantic game, some lingerie and a fruit basket.

If you cannot deliver the items in person, talk to the hotel staff to see if it would be possible for you to ship the items to be placed in the rooms.

The items can be romantic, a bit naughty, or could just be things that would be useful during their stay such as new bathing suits or sunscreen.

A Day of Activities

Once you know where the couple is honeymooning, you can find some great activities in the area and provide certificates for them. You may consider buying admittance to museums, horseback riding, sky diving or any other activity that you think may be of interest to the couple.

Room Service

Among the best honeymoon gift ideas is sending a full breakfast each morning through room service. Work out with the hotel staff how you can be billed for this rather than the couple. Most hotels will happy to work with you to provide such a great gift to one of their guests.

This will help the couple start their day off with a full meal and will help them save money on having to eat every meal out.

A Very Special Outing

Found out if there is a very special activity that takes place near where the couple is spending their honeymoon. Are there hot air balloon rides? Midnight horseback rides on the beach? If there is anything that sounds extra special, call ahead and pay for that activity for the couple.

It might be something a bit extravagant that a new couple may skip in order to save money but, if given as a gift, could help make their honeymoon even more special.

A Gift When Returning Home

Some of the best honeymoon gift ideas are actually given when the couple returns home. Consider hiring a housekeeper to clean while they are away. They will return to a freshly scrubbed house and will not have to spend their first day home together in a cleaning frenzy.

If you have acted as a pet sitter, you could take their dogs or cats to be groomed and dressed in special outfits in which to welcome them home.

Honeymoon gift ideas do not have to be expensive. Just the fact that you thought enough of the couple to try to do something special will likely mean the world to them.