Highest Paid Jobs

The Top 8 Highest Paid Jobs

People who are considering working in the medical field probably already know that this is where to find the highest paid jobs. Because of the bad economy, many companies have either been forced to shut down or cut back on the hiring of workers. But the medical community remains virtually untouched by this situation.

Hospitals may downsize when it comes to jobs that include food service workers, or custodian work but most health care professionals are making more money than ever. It is clear that the health care profession isn't suffering at all in this economy. In fact, people who have the highest paid jobs are health care providers.

Surgeons are physicians that perform surgeries to correct problems with patients. They remove damaged organs, repair damage to tissue and help people who have deformities from birth or accidents. They are at the top of the list for the highest paid jobs and it is estimated that they make on average $207,000 a year.

Anyone who is scheduled to have any type of surgery will have to talk to an Anesthesiologist. These types of doctors give anesthesia to the patient before surgery. The patient must answer a series of questions concerning their health and test must be done to insure that the proper anesthesia is administered to the patient. An anesthesiologist makes on average, $197,000 a year.

Many children and adults who have problems with their teeth, may be in need of a certain type of dentist. Orthodontists correct problem with the spacing, arrangement and the placing of teeth. Most of the work that is done by orthodontists are for cosmetic reasons but these types of dentists can also correct a malfunctioning bite. Most orthodontists make on average, $194,000 a year.

Doctors who specialize in the female reproductive system are called and OB/GYN. This abbreviation means that they work in obstetrics and gynecology. Although these types of doctors work mainly with patients who are pregnant, they also address any problem that a woman has concerning her reproductive organs. These types of doctors make on average, $192,000 a year.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in repairing defects or injuries of the neck, face and head. They can be from birth deformities or accidents. Plastic surgery falls under this category, so not only do these surgeons correct deformities but they can also perform surgeries for purely cosmetic reasons. This includes things like lip enhancement, rhinoplasty and liposuction. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon makes on average, $192,000 a year.

Internal medicine and general doctors specialize in the non surgical treatment of diseases. These types of doctors are referred to as internists and most of them can also specialize in a particular area of medicine. For example, gastroenterologists are mainly concerned with the digestive system and focus on the stomach and kidneys. Internists can make on average, $176,000 a year.


Dentists who specialize in the treatment of oral function, rehabilitation and the appearance of teeth are called Prosthodontics. They help people who are missing teeth or have a deformity of the mouth. They restore oral function by using crowns or dentures. They can also implant support through surgery, to hold dentures and do minor cosmetic surgeries to improve appearance. These dentists make on average, $169,000 a year.

Physicians and general practitioners are doctors we see everyday for colds, the flu and other minor problems. They offer services for the family. They can also give medications for certain diseases and conditions but mainly work with everyday illnesses. Physicians and general practitioners make on average, $165,000 a year.

It is clear that the medical community has the highest paid jobs and this isn't likely to change too soon. No matter what, people will always need medical care.