High School Reunion Ideas

Fun High School Reunion Ideas

When tasked with being part of the planning committee for a high school reunion, ideas can sometimes be slow in coming. Of course, you want everyone to have a great time, but it is really difficult to find themes, music and activities that are going to be of interest to every attendee.

The first thing you should cross off your list when developing high school reunion ideas is “try to please everyone”. Just come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible and move on to the party planning. Here are a just a few ideas to get your started.

The Food

The food should be fabulous and there should be plenty. If you run out of food early, people might start to leave. Be sure there is plenty of food and include a variety so that people with special diets, such as vegetarians, will have choices.

Many think it’s best to go for a buffet rather than a sit down dinner. You do not even have to have a formal meal. A large variety of finger foods is fine, and that is an option that is more likely to keep people moving around the room and mingling.

The Theme

Some looking for high school reunion ideas think that a theme is a very necessary part of the event.  It is not. In fact, many planners choose to forego a formal theme and instead just plan a great party. If you are set on a theme, there are countless possibilities.  

Some choose to recreate the theme of their senior prom. It is rather fun to look back in this way and see just how cheesy most of those themes really are!  Others choose luaus, period themes, or something that relates specifically to your school.

For example, one small Oklahoma high school chose a rodeo theme for their 20th reunion. Another chose a football theme in honor of the fact that their team was state champions all four years that they were in high school. Of course, these high school reunion ideas would not work for every class, but the point of such ideas is to personalize the theme.

The Activities

Here is a big mistake that many make when planning their high school reunion. Ideas for activities are great, but many pack the event with back to back activities. This doesn’t give guests the time to breathe, never mind mingle.

Instead of so many activities, choose instead one or two optional activities. You want to give people plenty of downtime, but by having optional activities, those who are a bit bored will have something to do.

The Details

Including some details that will be meaningful to your former classmates is a high school reunion idea that will make the celebration even more special. For example, you could arrange for the mascot to make a surprise appearance. Another fun idea is to ask the present cheerleaders to come up with a special routine just for your reunion. If possible, see if any former cheerleaders would enjoy joining them for the routine.

High school reunion ideas are only limited by your imagination. Get input from as many former classmates as you can. Plan the best party possible and then relax and enjoy spending time with your former classmates.