Halloween Invitation Ideas

Creative Halloween Invitation Ideas

If you, like millions of others, are planning to throw a Halloween party, you’ll need some Halloween invitation ideas.  In recent years, Halloween is gaining in popularity. Currently, it is the number two holiday – behind Christmas - when it comes to the number of dollars spent for decorations and other Halloween related items.

When planning your Halloween party, one of the first things you’ll need to do is come up with a fun, creative idea for the invitations. Below are ideas for both articles that are to be mailed as well as those that are to be delivered in person.

Invitations Delivered Via Mail

Some Halloween parties have a definite theme, such as a Monster’s Ball or a Murder Mystery. If your party has such a theme, you should create an invitation that clearly showcases that. For example, for a murder mystery, one idea would be an invitation in the shape of a knife with the words “WHODUNNIT” printed in a creepy font across the front.

If there is not a theme, there are still plenty of places to draw Halloween related inspiration. You could choose any common symbol of Halloween, such as ghosts, monsters or jack-o-lanterns. Of course, you should keep the age of the party goers in mind. If the party is for children, it is a good idea to avoid anything that is too scary.

An idea that is fun for both children and adults is to write the invitations with invisible ink. You’ll have to include directions (perhaps written on the envelope) to hold the invitation over heat, such as a light bulb, to reveal the secret message.

When mailing the invitation, there are obvious limits to what you can do.  When you can deliver the invitations by hand, however, there are many more possibilities.

Adult Party

For an adult party, you can crank up the creepy meter when it comes to Halloween invitation ideas. For example, you could purchase small boxes shaped like a coffin. These are intended to be candy holders and are available at many party supply stores.  Fill the coffin with candy and a note with details about the party.

Another great idea is to buy each guest a pumpkin. Put a small pumpkin carving kit in a cloth bag and a paper invitation with party details. Include the invitation to bring their carved pumpkin to the party where it will be judged and a prize given to the best jack-o-lantern.

For kids, a great idea is to buy a bunch of those plastic jack-o-lanterns that some use for trick or treating. Put the invitation at the bottom and then fill it with candy. Attach a note to the handle telling them there is a special message under the candy. They’ll have a blast eating their way to the bottom.

Of course, the invitation is just one small part of planning a great Halloween party. It can, however, set the tone. By taking some time to come up with creative Halloween invitation ideas, you’ll be able to show your guests what a great party they can expect.