Hair Thinning Scissors

Some Helpful Tips About Hair Thinning Scissors

Even if you trust your barber or hair dresser explicitly, you should still check out these tips about hair thinning scissors. If you have thick, unmanageable or unruly hair, then you may think that hair thinning scissors are the greatest things since sliced bread. And maybe they are. But then again, in some situations, turning to the hair thinning scissors may not be the best choice.




Hair thinning scissors are generally used to thin out hair that is particularly thick or to texturize hair for a particular style, look or haircut. There are two vital considerations to be made when it comes to using scissors for hair thinning:

1. Is the hair in the correct condition to be cut with thinning shears?
2. Does the hair stylist know how to use the thinning scissors properly?

Hair Type and Thinning Scissors
Besides being used to thin out extremely thick hair, one of the most common uses for thinning shears is on fine hair that is very straight. Thinning the ends of fine hair can help to blend the hair style, making it appear fuller. Since fine hair is by nature more sensitive to cutting mistakes, overuse of the thinning scissors can actually weaken this type of hair and make it appear even flatter. Use thinning scissors very infrequently on fine hair, and then only thin the hair at the tips.

When to Use Thinning Scissors
It is possible to over-thin hair with thinning shears, especially for people – usually men – who get there hair cut more frequently (say every 5 or 6 weeks). Thinning out the hair this often may not give the hair a chance to grow back. This can cause the hair to be harder to style, because it will develop a more fluffy appearance.

It is also not always a good idea to use the thinning scissors on hair that is too short. When thinning shears are used to trim hair that is shorter then an inch or so, the shorter hairs may begin to fluff up the longer hairs from below. This can actually lead to the total opposite of what thinning intends to do – meaning it may make thick, coarse hair appear to be even thicker and bushier.

Proper Use of Hair Thinning Scissors
Anyone thinning or cutting hair with thinning shears should always be properly trained before any attempt to style or cut with this tool. Mistakes caused by careless use of thinning scissors can take months to grow out, so do not trust a stylist who has not been trained with any particular instrument.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to using thinning shears on wet or dry hair. Some stylists refuse to cut dry hair at all; others prefer to do thinning with the hair slightly damp. Most of this is just personal preference and has nothing to do with the hair or the scissors. It has to do with the stylist.

It is always a good idea to develop a relationship with your hair stylist or barber before allowing them to work on your hair with thinning shears. Of course, you should have some level of trust going on before you let anyone do anything to your hair! The best situation is to try and maintain the same hair stylist over the long haul. This way you can be sure they know your hair thoroughly and, therefore, will only introduce styles that will boost and compliment your appearance.