Hair Dying Tips

Do It Yourself Hair Dying Tips

Hair dying tips are not really necessary for those who have a professional handle the task. But more and more people are trying to save money by doing it themselves. While it is not as difficult as some might think, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, especially if it is your first time doing it on your own.

 Follow the Directions

Advice to follow the directions sounds obvious, and it should be, but many people ignore the directions on the box which leads to rather unattractive results. Even if you have dyed your hair at home before, remember that each type of hair dye is different. The directions for each are not necessarily the same.

Just take the time to read – and then follow – any enclosed directions.

Do a Test Strip

Many people want to skip this step, because it seems like a waste of time. However, that “waste of time” can save you from making a huge mistake that is not easily corrected. No matter how great the color looks on the box, it might not be the best color for your hair.

This is probably one of the most important hair dying tips. The only way to know the exact shade the dye is going to turn your hair is to do a test strip.  There are many factors that can affect how dye will work on your hair. Play it safe and take time to do a test strip in an area that is not easily seen.

Wear the Gloves

This is another huge mistake that many make.  Failing to wear the gloves may force you to walk around with stained hands for several days. If the maker of the hair dye went to the time and expense of including the gloves, there is a reason for that! Use them, and avoid staining.

Use an Old Towel

Another place that you’ll want to avoid staining is on your good clothes and towel.  More than likely, the towel that you use is going to get some dye on it. Instead of trying to be extra careful, just use an old towel. 

The same goes for the shirt that you wear. While it’s possible to dye your hair without getting any dye on your shirt, it’s just a lot easier to wear a shirt that you don’t really care about.

Don’t Do it if You’re Pregnant

Very important among hair dying tips is advice to women who are pregnant.  Pregnant women should not dye their hair. Some say that dying your hair is fine after the first trimester, but just to be safe you should get the advice of your doctor before proceeding.

Skip the Eyebrows

Don’t try to dye your own eyelashes. Many women who try this often end up with results that look just plain silly. Also, if you get any dye in your eye that can be very dangerous. If you do get dye in your eye, call the poison control center for advice immediately.

Once you find the color that works for you and get the hang of the basic hair dying tips, you’ll find that the process is quite easy and well worth the money you will save.