Grilling Ribs

Top Tips For Grilling Ribs

Anyone with a grill should be aware of successful techniques for grilling ribs. Grilling outdoors is one of the most popular activities when the weather is appropriate. People grill out for a variety of reasons. During the fall many grill out (or tailgate) for football season. Furthermore, there is just something about the taste of meat on a grill that cannot be duplicated in your typical household oven. Believe it or not, some people become relatively stressed when they find out they are in charge of lighting up the grill and making the main dish. However, with the tips and recommendations recommended throughout this article you will be armed and dangerous making your grilling experience a breeze. Below we will explore all you need to know about grilling ribs offering two different successful options.

Anyone wishing to grill out is faced with buying meat from the store. It is essential that you buy fresh meat that does not already come seasoned. Once you have these ribs home you should clean them and remove the excess fat. For best taste, be sure to add rub to each side of the ribs and let set for a couple of hours before cooking. This dry rub can consist of any spices that you feel are appropriate. However, Martha Stewart suggests this rub to consist of coarse salt, paprika, mustard powder, celery seed, ground pepper, and brown sugar. By allowing the ribs to be submersed in these ingredients you increase the likelihood of delicious ribs once they are removed from the grill. From here you add these ribs to your already preheated grill at 240 degrees with indirect heat. For best results, use mild wood chunks that are not as strong as others like hickory. Make sure the meat side is placed up, while the bone side is placed down (note that flipping is not necessary). These ribs will grill anywhere from one and a half to two hours until done. Basting with lemon juice is recommended every thirty minutes or so to keep the ribs tender. Simply add the desired sauce approximately fifteen to twenty minutes before the ribs are done.


Another option for grilling ribs as opposed to dry rub is to boil the ribs for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes. This method is said to allow the ribs to become extremely tender and cuts down on the grilling time, which is helpful in some situations. Some prefer to boil the ribs in a beef broth, while others are unable to see a difference. Anyone using this method would only leave the ribs on the grill approximately ten minutes. Then to add flavor you simply add the barbeque sauce and allow it to set with the grill closed for a few minutes to lock in the flavor. This makes a total cooking time between twenty and thirty minutes as opposed to the other option described above (up to 2 hours). Although this method is definitely quicker, it may benefit you to take the extra time and completely cook them on the grill. However, anyone with time constraints can get a nice tasting rib by using this quicker method.

In conclusion, grilling ribs should not intimidate you after reading this article. By merely applying a rub or boiling the ribs you are setting yourself up for success. The longer method proves to offer a better taste, but takes a bit longer for cooking. However, the shorter method is great for your typical barbeque ribs and cuts down on the cooking time by at least an hour (not including the two hours for marinating, which would then be three hours). Which method you choose for grilling ribs will depend on your needs and the time available. All in all, you are now ready to pick out your ribs and start grilling!