Graviola Extract

Could Graviola Extract Be The Cure For Cancer?

It is suggested that graviola extract could very well be the next miracle cure for cancer, of course it would not make physicians or pharmaceutical companies any money which could be why this magic potion is being kept quiet.  Currently, the treatment options for cancer involve harsh medication, cutting and burning so it only makes sense that individuals with cancer are turning to natural options such as graviola extract to address their health issues.

This rainforest plant has been used in traditional medicine in the Caribbean and South America for many centuries.  It presents a broad spectrum of medicinal properties scattered throughout various parts of the plant.

The fruit kills parasites and worms, reduces fever and counteracts diarrhea while the seeds are an exceptional remedy for lice.  The leaves, roots and bark from the plant can be made into a medicinal tea as a remedy for high blood pressure or a digestive aid.  The leaves can be applied to wounds to speed up healing.  The alkaloids in graviola can also treat depression by stimulating the amount of serotonin that is ingested in the brain.  This controls feelings of happiness and joy.

In Peru, the leaves are brewed to soothe inflamed mucous membranes and in the Amazon, diabetics use the roots to stabilize blood sugar levels.  Guyana uses the leaves in tea for a heart tonic, Brazil swears by it to heal the liver and in the West Indies, the tea is drank to treat asthma, flu and coughs.  Additionally, it can treat rheumatism, arthritis and increase lactation in nursing mothers.

Cancer Connection

Annonaceous acetogenins are found in abundance in graviola extract.  This chemical has strong anti-parasitic, anti-tumorous and antimicrobial qualities that are all potent in fighting cancer.  This chemical also suppresses enzymes that are found in cancer cells which obstructs ATP transportation.

It is claimed that there is present research being done to patent a drug with graviola extract in it however, many individuals are taking it upon themselves to use it on their own and are seeing quite fascinating results.  It is suggested that graviola is approximately 10,000 times more effective at fighting cancer than chemotherapy.

Side Effects

Prolonged use of graviola extract can deplete friendly bacteria in your body that is needed for healthy digestion.  If you are committed to using the extract long-term, you should consider adding digestive enzymes or a pro-biotic supplement to your diet.

Studies on animal subjects also suggests that graviola can lower blood pressure even if it is already low.  If you are taking blood pressure medication, you should consult with your doctor before taking this extract.  Also, a large dosage can cause vomiting and nausea.

Since research suggests that the extract targets cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone based on the high level of activity present, it is advised to not take it if you are pregnant.  The heightened energy that are in the cells of the fetus could trigger the extract to attack them.


Studies also suggest that the leaves are the safest part of the plant and that the roots and seeds contain alkaloids that when taken in higher doses or for extended periods of time can cause degeneration and neural dysfunction.  This could lead to symptoms somewhat resembling Parkinson's disease.

Graviola extract may also react negatively with certain medication such as anti-depressants and MAO inhibitors.  It is always recommended to contact your doctor or someone very experienced in natural healing methods prior to using it for proper dosage information.  This will help avoid any negative side effects that may be associated with use.