Grand Opening Ideas

Top Grand Opening Ideas

If you are looking for grand opening ideas, you have come to the right spot. Obviously the type of grand opening you are looking to plan will take into consideration the type of business that is opening; however, throughout this article we will examine grand opening ideas that can be applied to any business. Feel free to amend and combine any of these ideas to get the best possible solution for your unique situation.

With any grand opening, it is essential that you properly advertise the opening. Regardless of whether you are opening up a restaurant, coffee shop, fitness center, spa, or a car dealership, you must get the word out that there are huge grand opening festivities taking place. Although word of mouth works great, there are many other relatively cheap options that can aid you in getting the word out quicker and more efficiently. First is the traditional use of flyers. Some nearby businesses will even allow you to place your grand opening flyers within their shops as long as they are not competitors. Place these flyers wherever there is a high amount of traffic. The best thing about this option is that it is extremely cost effective. Second, you can advertise with the local newspaper or radio. Have it announced numerous times before the grand opening. If you are able to get the radio announcers to actually attend your grand opening you are sure to get more customers than you would even imagine.

Beyond advertising, you need something catchy to make people realize it is worth their time to stop by your grand opening. One of the recent trends in terms of grand opening ideas is the use of inflatable objects and logos to draw attention to the business. Furthermore, you can post banners to signify a grand opening is underway. This is a relatively passive way to attract customers, but there are also many other proactive ways to grab the attention of potential consumers.

Having an activity fest in which there are things for children, teenagers, and adults is a great way to attract people to your business. Plan a day with free food, live music, and discounts on the items within the store. Not only will this get the clients in your store, but you will have a chance to mingle with these customers. This is a great way to get several different people to attend the grand opening, even if it proves to be relatively expensive.

Other ideas include having a drawing or raffle. With this idea you can sell tickets prior to the event and have a rule where contestants must be present to the grand opening to win the prize. The only cost you will have to pay is for the grand prize. It is essential that you make sure the item being raffled off is something that will be of interest to customers you wish to attract. Again, this will vary from business to business. Another idea that is cost-effective and tends to grab the attention of many is the old fashioned “if you get there first” technique. With this strategy, you simply give away a free item (burger, combo meal, spa treatment, hair cut, etc.) to the first few customers (typically 100) that enter the door.

There are a variety of grand opening ideas that can be amended to work for any business. The biggest thing to consider is grabbing the attention of potential customers through successful advertisement. Make sure whatever you plan for the grand opening will be attractive to the customers you wish to actually shop at your shop. For example, if you are opening a children’s clothing store, you should plan activities that will attract families with children. In conclusion, grand opening ideas are a key to successfully opening any business and must be carefully planned.