Good Looking Bald Men

No Shortage Of Good Looking Bald Men

The argument as to whether  there are any truly good looking bald men will probably go on forever, whether baldness is in vogue or not. A good argument can probably be made that in the case of good looking bald men, the hair or lack of it is just part of what others, especially women, will find appealing. Sometimes we're conditioned what to like and what not to like. In the 1970's when lots of hair was all the rage, bald men tended to be highly visible and often chose to wear a cap, hat, or toupee. Imagine Bruce Willis or Telly Savalas sporting a 70's hair style. Downright scary!




Good looking bald men tend to be good looking with or without hair. In some cases the loss of hair detracts from their looks, in other cases it adds. Sean Connery is one man who looked great when younger (he was going bald but hid it for a time), and still looks great today, being not completely bald but nearly so. On the other hand, Clark Gable might not be all that attractive if he had become quite bald, mainly because of his ears. But if you look at his movies from the 1930's and early 40's his hair appeared absolutely greasy. Greasy is far less attractive than bald by today's standards.

One could look at photos of our presidents and picture them bald, Some would be quite good looking (in fact, Dwight Eisenhower and John Adams were quite bald and both FDR and Lyndon Johnson were getting there). It's hard to picture JFK as being bald, and the same is true for Lincoln, but many of our presidents would still have looked quite distinguished with a little hair near the ears and nowhere else.

Whether women like prefer bald men or not seems to be quite an individual thing. It's probably safe to say however that most prefer men with a good head of hair, all other things being equal, but these same women are apt to go for a bald man who appears to be comfortable with his baldness, Eric von Stroheim being a possible exception although the actor, who played Prussian type roles, did have a certain charm.

Bruce, Sean, And Homer - Some good looking bald men, in the opinion of a good many women include Bruce Willis, Ed Harris, Kelsey Grammer, Andre Aggasi, and Patrick Stewart, plus of course Sean Connery. Sadly, Homer Simpson is often portrayed as the archetypical bald person, although his wife seems quite fond of him and strokes his head often. The fact that Homer could only find a mate who had blue hair may or may not be of significance.

Comfortable With Themselves - It probably bears repeating that some of the more attractive appearing bald men are those who accept their baldness for what it is, and are comfortable with themselves. A good many are even proud of the fact, and shave their heads as they would rather be completely bald than partially bald. Some of the least attractive men are those who are mid-way through the process of becoming bald and try to disguise it by the way they comb their hair (only successful when the wind isn't blowing), or wear a toupee that is either ill fitting, the wrong choice of color or style, or designed to try to make a 60 year old look 30.

What it all boils down to is when it comes to good looking bald men, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is also in the eye of the bald person himself. If you're bald and ugly, chances are you weren't so hot looking with a full head of hair either. Deal with it.