Golf Cart Safety

Important Golf Cart Safety Tips

Golf carts are not longer used just for golfing; they are now used for hunting, and even getting around campgrounds. No matter what you are using a golf cart for, golf cart safety should be a priority. When you are driving a golf cart, you will find that most areas that it is legal to drive golf carts will also have their own rules that you will have to follow.

No matter what the driving rules are where you are using your golf cart, there are some basic golf cart safety rules that you should know. Keep in mind that these are basically vehicles and not toys, and accidents involving golf carts have been on the rise. Some of these accidents have even killed people.

Watch Your Driving Speed – Although a golf cart can only go so fast, it is fast enough to cause serious injury if you are in an accident. If there are posted speed limits make sure that you do not exceed those limits. If there are no speed limits, drive at a reasonable speed. Always reduce your speed when making turns, and drive according to the road conditions. Obviously part of golf cart safety would be to drive slower if you are on wet or icy roads.

Stay on the Road – A golf cart is not really an all terrain vehicle so it is important that you stay on designated paths and roads when driving. Always watch for other traffic and pedestrians and remember that pedestrians do have the right of way.

Seats & Passengers – Another rule concerning golf cart safety is that you should never have more people riding in the golf cart than there are seats to sit in. Not only is this hard on your golf cart, but a lot of accidents happen because there were more passengers than what the cart could safely carry.

Keep All Part of You Inside the Cart – Just like automobiles and amusement park rides, when you are driving a golf cart all passengers should keep their arms and legs inside at all times. This is just common sense and if you are driving with children you may have to be vigilant that they follow this golf cart safety rule.

Golf Cart Maintenance – Keeping your golf cart in good shape should also be a golf cart safety rule. If you should have a tire blow, this could cause an accident, plus leaking battery acid can also be dangerous. Always make sure that your cart is taken care of and running properly.

Although these are the basic golf cart safety rules, if you are operating your cart in an airport, school campus or campground, there will probably be additional rules that you’ll have to follow. If you already know how to drive a car and follow traffic laws, learning to operate a golf cart safely will not be difficult at all.

If you have children it is probably not a good idea to let them operate a golf cart on their own until they are old enough to know how to drive a car and follow golf car safety rules. Driving a golf cart can be fun, and it can make getting around large areas a lot easier, but if you don’t follow safety precautions it can be dangerous too.