Goatee Trimming

Best Goatee Trimming Tips

Facial hair is a way for men to show their creative flair and unique personality, yet requires maintenance and careful trimming.  Goatee growth, in particular, must be well groomed to retain its specific shape and appearance.  While any man can achieve the look they desire, it does take some know how to get started.



Growing a goatee

The first step, of course, is in the growing.  Allowing the facial hair to grow by not shaving can take a matter of days or weeks, depending on each individual’s physical makeup.  Everyone grows hair at different degrees of time and density.  If you have never attempted to grow the facial hair previously, you should have a feeling after a few days as to how your hair grows out and where.

Not every man can grow a goatee.  For this type of facial embellishment, it is necessary to have adequate hair growth around the mouth and beneath the nose.  Since hair growth is unique in every individual, there may be limited or even no hair growth in these areas in some men; making it impossible to form a goatee.  This period of days allowing the facial hair to grow uninhibited will also let you know whether or not you are capable of sporting this type of beard.

Types of goatees

As the facial hair is growing, you will have time to decide which type of goatee you wish, if you haven’t already.  The choices facing you are:

During the initial period of hair growth, you will be able to determine which style best suits your face and the way your hair grows.

Shaping the goatee

When the facial hair has grown to the length you desire, you can begin shaping the goatee style that you want.  Trimming goatee styles takes practice, focus and the confidence in displaying the results.

After following these steps, you will now be sporting your very own goatee.  Do you like the results?  If so, you will want to be sure that you keep it looking smart and neat.  This will require regular attention through meticulous trimming.  Goatee maintenance must be done weekly to avoid a messy and straggly appearance.  The rest of the face should be kept clean shaven to offer the best definition of the goatee.


One aspect of wearing a goatee that may take some getting used to for a beginner is keeping it clean.  If you have never worn any type of beard before, you may not realize that, as you eat, the goatee can become a crumb or drip catcher.  Not only is this unsanitary, it is unsightly as well.  It will become necessary to make a habit of checking the beard continually while eating or drinking.  Washing the goatee with shampoo and following up with a conditioner will help to maintain the appearance.

Deciding to wear a goatee is making the commitment to devote time and focus on trimming.  Goatee styles can portray the personality and character of the individual wearing it, so learning the tricks of trimming can make sure your goatee stays looking great.