Girlfriend Getaway Packages

Tips for Planning Girlfriend Getaway Packages

Are you and your gal pals searching for the perfect girlfriend getaway packages? Finding a good balance of time between a partner and friends can be tough, so what better way can a girl celebrate friendship with her closest pals than to put together a nice boy-free getaway? If you are considering hosting the getaway, then you have the important choice of whether to put together the basic trip yourself and surprise your friends or to involve them in the planning. If you are stuck for ideas, you may find the following tips helpful in organizing girlfriend getaway packages.

Common Interests

Being best friends, you probably have loads of common interests, but what is it that you enjoy the most or have talked about doing but never gotten around to it? Maybe you have always talked about touring wine country in California or visiting historical sites? Girls-only trips don’t come around very often, so you should definitely put some thought into the main “attraction” of the getaway. If your girls are privy to the plan, ask their opinions on what they most want to do or see.

Where to Go

Maybe you have shared a dream of taking a mini European tour or cruising the beaches on the Eastern coast. Where you go will have a profound impact on how much enjoyment you all reap from the trip. Granted, simply being with friends will provide plenty of enjoyment but it’s always a good idea to ensure that the atmosphere and environment is fun and uplifting to all of you. If you have trouble deciding on a particular location, try dropping fun hints to your friends and gauge their response. If they react positively then you know which destination is a go!



Unfortunately, cost is an important factor to most of us. It is important that you take all of your gals’ financial situations into consideration while you are planning out the trip. The obvious costs of transportation and hotel rooms are one thing to consider but the costs of food, drinks, and general spending should also be accounted for. It’s no good planning an expensive trip only to find out that one of your girls simply can’t fit the trip into her budget (or finding out only too late that she can only afford to take one week off of work rather than the two you booked the hotel for)! If you are all on a smaller budget, you might want to consider taking a local trip. Who says girlfriend getaway packages can’t be organized for a local destination? Why not hit up a local hotel or B&B and spend a few days hitting the shops, relaxing at the spa, getting dressed up and seeing a play/opera, touring art galleries, or other activities that you can never drag your boyfriends to! You may also want to do a bit of hunting online. The Internet has opened up so many opportunities to save big on getaways by booking travel and hotel stays together as well as locking in last minute clearance deals.


Although it may sound a bit cheesy, creating some fun memorabilia can be a fantastic end to great getaway—especially if you and your gals rarely get to have ventures like this. You could have a fun and unique tee shirt created for each girl or you could put together a fun scrap book highlighting all of the great moments from your trip. Another fun idea is to make a collage using post cards from the destination(s) you visited. Collect as many as you can throughout the trip and use glitter, stickers, and scissors to make a memorable collage. You can even go as far as framing it to make it seem a little fancier or classy.