Gifts For Old People

Christmas is Coming- Santa’s Secret Gifts for Old People

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries – all occasions that involve finding the right gifts for old people. But what can we give our grandparents that they haven’t already seen in their life? It must be thoughtful, unique and certainly tasteful. Surely Granny is not going to be impressed by yet another pot of fake flowers, while Grandpa simply has no more room for pipes. Since Christmas is coming up soon, Santa has shared some of his ideas!


Seniors have usually developed a strong personal character and have a clear idea of things they like- and dislike. Once retired, people tend to spend more time on hobbies, collections and crafts. They may like to travel or keep a beautiful garden, or perhaps Scruffy the new pup has taken over their lives and captured their full attention. Thus, perfect gifts for old people can only be guaranteed if their hobbies and favourite activities are known.

If granny has recently discovered her arty side, she may appreciate a blank canvas or high quality brushes and easel which she can use outdoors to get ideas from surrounding nature. Equally great are good pencils, watercolours and a CD with inspirational French music!

The happily married old couple may enjoy a little trip, so why not chip in with friends and family to buy a travel voucher? Especially for the parent’s 50th anniversary it would be great to book a romantic cruise through the Caribbean. If the budget is a little lower, a dinner reservation and a bottle of good champagne is equally romantic but considerably lower in price.

Culture lovers are served well with a bestselling biography or interesting history book. Those who want it a little more extravagant and exciting could arrange a photography class for their dear senior, or even a foreign language course. In fact, those who can afford a little more could simply send Grandpa on a short language-learning trip to Paris, Rome or Madrid!

To spice up our grandparent’s marriage, a cooking class could be an exciting experience for both as they can renew their relationship while rolling sushi rolls. A wine tasting experience or a weekend in the nearest wine region is not only great for gourmets but also for an old couple that needs to get out of the same boring routine.

Gifts for old people are plenty, but it is up to you to know your seniors and find the right one. If grandpa’s dog just died, a feeding dish may be highly inappropriate! Instead, you could find a new puppy or create a memory book for good old Scruffy who brought so much joy to the family. If you get really stuck, there is always the option of giving vouchers, for example for the local spa, a home and bath retailer, wineries, book shop or even an appointment at the hairdresser. Remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no matter what the age! Jewellery is always a great gift solution for women, while a culinary experience is usually great for men, such as gift baskets with his favourite foods and drinks.

One of the greatest gifts for old people is probably something creative such as a short novel about their life, a photo album that reminds them of the most precious moments or a personalised gift. Engraved items are always a great idea as well as photo gifts which are all available online and are only a simple mouse-click away. The web is generally a great place to look up gifts for old people or any other kind of age group. You will find anything from naming a star to vintage wines produced in their year of birth. The internet makes finding gifts easy, and the traditional Christmas present hunt from store to store has finally come to an end!