Gifts For Coworkers

Tips On Buying Gifts For Coworkers

If you work in a place where there are many fellow employees, purchasing gifts for coworkers can be a challenging task. You want the gifts to be memorable and nicely presented. But you may think that you do not have the budget to do much of anything, when it comes to a nice gift. Remember that when anyone receives a gift or even a card, it’s the thought behind it that counts and if you take the time to buy it will be appreciated. But there are ways to make gifts for coworkers special and unique.

The first thing you might want to consider is getting the same type of gift for everyone. If you try to purchase separate gifts, people may end up liking another gift someone else received better and above all you don’t want this to happen. Instead you can try to buy the same type of gift but slightly different. For example, if you have decided to purchase a bottle of wine for everyone in the office you can first find out if they prefer a white chardonnay or a red merlot. They may also like a certain wine maker or specific flavor. These are thoughtful, individual gifts for coworkers but at the same time equal in value, so that no one feels left out.

People appreciate gifts in general even they are small and inexpensive. But the way you wrap them can make a big difference. If you are giving a gift like a small votive candle or chocolates, you can choose some colorful wrapping paper and ribbons to wrap the gift. You can style the gift any way you like. Attach many strands of curly ribbons or make a big bow to decorate it. Presentation is everything, so if you make the gift beautiful to look at whatever is inside will be appreciated.

Another inexpensive gift idea is to get a few smaller gifts and combine them. Maybe you have decided to get everyone a restaurant gift card. Use a ribbon to wrap around the card and attach a keychain or bundle of candies. This is a way to give a few gifts instead of just one and you can buy different smaller gifts suited to the individual.

If you have little to no money but you still want to give gifts to coworkers, you can give a food item.  You can always purchase things like specialty coffees or cheeses and crackers but you can also make the food item at home.  If you have a cookie recipe that everyone likes in your family, you can place a few in plastic bags with ribbons or a small metal tin and pass them out at work. People love these types of gifts and enjoy receiving them. Just make sure that you include a few sugar free items for anyone who is dieting or diabetic.

If you want to give the men and women different gifts, that too is an option. Maybe you have decided to give magazine subscriptions to everyone. For women you can choose a fashion or work out type magazine, while men might prefer a sport related or car type magazine. If you spend a lot of time around these people than you also know their particular tastes. If someone is into cooking for example, you can choose a cooking magazine. This is another way to give a similar type of gift but at the same time, making it individual. The good thing about giving magazines as gifts for coworkers is they will receive an issue every month for a year and every time they get one, they will think of you.