Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Are you in need of a few special gift ideas for your girlfriend?  All women love gifts and rightfully deserve them but what they really enjoy is something that clearly came from heart.  Anyone can buy roses but only exceptional boyfriends will listen and remember what their girlfriend's favorite flower is and send them instead.  Women love to be surprised so next time you give your significant other a present, make it something you put a lot of thought into.  Below are the top 10 gift ideas for your girlfriend that are sure to make her light up.

  1. Original Jewelry – Of course top on the list is going to be jewelry.  However, please stay away from the unoriginal diamond stud earrings or trendy pendant that every other female is wearing. Find her something that matches her personality.  You may even want to consider buying her a certain type of healing stone or crystal and having it made into a something special or visit a few antique shops and find something that is one of a kind.  A thoughtful piece of jewelry will certainly win you the boyfriend of the year award.
  1. Weekend Getaway – One of the greatest gift ideas for your girlfriend is to plan a weekend getaway and actually have places in mind to go to when you get there.  Don't tell her where you are going, just have her pack a bag.  If you have reservations somewhere nice, let her know so she knows how to plan her wardrobe.
  1. Books – Believe it or not, just because your girlfriend may be stunning, there is still a good chance that she likes to read.  Buy her a few books.  If you know her favorite author, perhaps try to track her down a limited edition book.  If your girlfriend enjoys reading but also wants to save the environment, buy her a Kindle.
  1. Adopt Something – A very thoughtful gift that your girlfriend is sure to love is to adopt a tree, whale, koala bear or anything else you can find, in her name.  There are plenty of conservation groups that have something to offer for a small donation.
  1. Pet – If you are 100 percent certain that your girlfriend wants a dog, cat, bunny, etc., these make some of the best gifts.  It is extremely important that you are sure that the gift will be happily accepted because it is very unfair to bring an animal home and then get rid of it later.

  1. Electronic Gadgets – Some of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend have probably been mentioned by her in general conversation.  If she drives a lot, a satellite radio would be nice with a paid subscription or if she is a runner, consider a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch. Perhaps your girlfriend has mentioned that she wants a new cell phone or docking station for her iPod.
  1. Art – Something that your girlfriend may really love and probably would never expect from you is a piece of art.  A framed canvas, a hand blown glass piece or some type of sculpture would definitely impress her and perhaps allow her to see an entirely different side of you.
  1. Bath Items – Avoid the prepackaged gift sets in common scents.  Find her some handmade bath salts and soaps.  She may also enjoy an assortment of essential oils.  You may feel a bit lost shopping in this category but often if you can describe your girlfriend and her personality as well as current scents she, a professional in the field should be able to help you.
  1. Sporting Equipment – Has your girlfriend mentioned that she wants a new snowboard or bike lately?  There are plenty of sporting goods that make excellent gift ideas for your girlfriend.  A few moderately priced ones that she is sure to appreciate are hiking boots, running shoes, gift certificate to her yoga studio or workout attire.
  1. Spa Gift Certificate – Every girlfriend can appreciate a little pampering.  A gift certificate for a day full of massages, wraps and facials may be just what she needs.  Does she have a best friend that she is always with?  Why not buy a package for two so she has someone to share her day with?  That will certainly score you a lot of points!