Getting Rid Of Ticks

Tips For Getting Rid of Ticks Appropriately

Getting rid of ticks is something that is necessary in the summer months.  No one wants to have a tick on them and run the risk of getting lime disease.  It is possible to help decrease the likelihood of this happening if you take the necessary steps needed to avoid it.  This article is going to look at a few of the options you have to help your get rid of ticks and decrease the likelihood of having a tick bite you.

First of all, when you are getting ready to go outside for the day you are going to want to pull your socks up and make sure that you are not showing any bare skin on your legs. This is going to help keep them from finding a place to latch on to.  You will also want to wear light color clothing.  This is going to help you see the ticks on your clothing before they have a chance to bite you.

Other good ways of getting rid of ticks include keeping your yard cut short and using insect repellents that have deet in them.  This is the best thing for getting rid of ticks.  You can find this in most sprays if you just look at the ingredients.  This is going to ensure that you are purchasing the correct thing.  When you keep the grass cut down, you are going to be keeping these insects at bay.  The tick needs long grass that they can crawl on in order to wait for their unsuspecting prey.  They do not thrive in short grass or dirt.  Be sure to also remove bushes and brush near your home that you do not need there.  This is going to help keep the ticks away as well.

If you have a dog or cat that frequents the outdoors, you are going to want to keep them out of tall grass.  This is going to help keep the ticks from climbing on them and then being brought into your home.  It is important to think about your animal’s health and safety as well because they can become ill when a tick bites them just the same as we can.  You are going to want the same thing from your children.  Ask them to play in the yard where the grass is cut back.  If they are playing in wooded areas, you may want to check them over two or three times a day to make sure they do not have any ticks on them.  The most common places that the tick is going to be found is on their head and neck area so be sure to check their first.

When getting rid of ticks on the body you are going to want to remove the tick with tweezers.  Be sure to get as close to the skin as possible and keep a steady pressure on the tick.  You will want to flush the tick or place it in alcohol.  This is going to kill the tick immediately.  Burning a tick will also kill it but if you have rubbing alcohol use that.  You will also want to wash the area with warm soap and water.

Getting rid of ticks is not that difficult if you take the time to prepare yourself.  Having a well groomed yard is a good start but they may still appear from time to time.  It is best to check yourself over each time you return indoors to be sure that you are not bringing them inside.  Be sure to do the same thing with your pets.