Getting Rid Of Possums

Getting Rid of Possums – How To Do It

Getting rid of possums is not something that you may have to do on a regular basis but you may have to do it at one time or another in your life.  There are a few things that you will want to remember as you begin this chore.  This article is going to help explain how you can go about getting rid of these critters so that they do not bother you anymore.

Getting rid of possums in your house is going to require a trap of some sort.  You will need to purchase the trap at a nearby hardware store.  You will need to get it ready by placing some food inside of the trap.  You will find that possums will eat just about anything that you give them or anything that they can find.  Therefore, you can put just about anything in the trap and it will attract the possum.  Once it has been caught, you will want take it outside to the nearest wooded area and let it run wild.

If you can not wait to get a trap, you may need to chase the possum out of the house with a broom or a shovel.  You can do this by simply chasing it towards the door and getting it outside.  You will want to keep the broom or shovel between you and the animal. You may also want to have the door propped open or have someone holding it so that the possum can get out.

Getting rid of possums includes more that simply getting it out of your house.  You do want to make sure that they are not going to come back.  You will start by trying to find out how the possum got into your house in the first place.  Once you have discovered this, you are going to want to seal off that entrance along with any other holes you see as possible entrances into your home.

Take a look around your house as well.  If there are any locations that the possums may be hiding or finding shelter, you may want to get rid of those as well.  You are going to look for things like piles or wood or stones that may be perfect hiding places for them.  Remove them if you can so that they are not able to come back and find shelter in these locations.  Once they realize that these places are gone they are going to be less likely to return.

Another trick to getting rid of possums that may work is by putting moth balls around your house.  The smell of them is going to keep the possums away from your home.  You can even place these small balls in your basement to help keep the possums away as well.  You are going to find that the moth balls are also going to help keep other critters and bugs away from your home.  That is something positive that you will really enjoy.

Finally, if you notice that you have found food laying around your home that the possum can get into, you are going to need to get rid of it or move it.  You may notice that the possum seems to be stealing your dog food.  If that is the case, you will want to move the food to a location that can not be accessed.  You may also want to place it into a container that has a lid.  Then, make sure that the lid is on tight so that the possum can not get into the food.  Once you have removed all food, you may notice that the possums are going to move elsewhere so that they can be fed.