Getting A Perm

The Truth about Getting a Perm

During the 1980s, women commonly got perms but eventually, this process was considered old-fashioned but in truth, while getting a perm still produces curly hair, today’s process is very different from 20 to 30 years ago.  Perms are now formulated with safer and more effective chemicals so men and women would not have the same concerns over serious hair damage.

Getting a perm today produces a variety of results.  For instance, techniques have been improved so a person could choose ultra curly hair or a gentle wave.  True, both genders, women especially, wear different hairstyles so perms are made to complement the current style.  Because of upgrades and improvements, perms are actually coming back in style, giving people more personalized options.

If you have been thinking about getting a perm, the most important step is choosing a highly qualified hair stylist, someone that understands perms and the associated process.  Since hair perms are not as common as they once were, not every hairdresser, especially the younger or newer ones understands formulas and processes.  Therefore, spending time to find a professional with experience using new chemicals and techniques is critical to success.

To increase the chance of getting a perm to look exactly how you want it, consider taking photos along with you.  A good stylist would look at the photos and then provide suggestions or guidance on how to make the final look even better, if possible.  In addition, the stylist should go over possible damage that can occur from a perm.  Again, chemicals and techniques currently being used are greatly improved but they are still chemicals so you need to understand possible problems.

For instance, a person with colored hair should never have a hair perm done since coloring has already weakened hair shafts to some degree.  Therefore, adding perm chemicals on top of the coloring process would most certainly result in breakage, frizzing, or even fallout.  Once a decision has been made as to the person who will do the perm, you need to follow strict rules for after care, which includes:

Getting a perm is an excellent way to achieve a new look.  You could go with one that creates loose curls and wave, which means you could straighten it when wanted or crunch it during the drying period for more bounce.  Perms can be applied to both short and long hair, as well as any type of hair but again, make sure the person giving you the perm knows his or her stuff.