Geneva Sightseeing

Things To See While Sightseeing In Geneva

Sightseeing in Geneva is being enjoyed by mass amounts of people these days of all ages.  The city is found in Central Europe which makes it accessible from all areas for both European dwellers as well as visitors from around the world.  Since Geneva is quite close to both Italy and France, it has become a must see destination on the list for tourists visiting either country.


It is difficult to find a city that is more alpine than Geneva is.  The city is perched on the banks of the crystal clear Lake Lemon, looking out onto the brilliant snow-capped peaks belonging to the Jura and Alps mountains that make themselves seen through the endless sights of mystical countrysides and lush forests.

When you look at photos of Switzerland you are led to believe you would be dealing with crisp temperatures while sightseeing in Geneva but this is not actually the case.  The climate is quite temperate.  Summers are surprisingly warm with an average temperature around 76 degrees Fahrenheit while winters are moderate with light frosts frequently at night that thaw out during the day.

It is helpful to know that precipitation is seen through the year with autumn being the wettest season.  The nearby mountains receive a generous amount of rainfall and house Verbier and other world-renowned ski resorts.


  1. Cathedrale de St-Pierre – Sightseeing in Geneva must include a visit to this 16th century church. While it is quite simple inside, there is a spiral staircase in the North tower to see a breathtaking view of the city.  It also houses an archeological museum worth popping into as well.
  1. Mur de la Reformation – This reformation wall is another favorite attraction to see by those sightseeing in Geneva.  In 1909, this 60 feet stone wall was erected to commemorate the city's role in Protestant reformation.  The park housing the wall also contains the University of Geneva with a few nice cafes and a nice place to stroll.
  1. Place Bourg du Four – This is the historical town square of Old Geneva.  It s probably one of the most charming places to visit in the city and where you'll feel most at home.  Here you'll find plenty of local shops, pubs and cafes.
  1. Batie Woods – This 20 hectare refuge for wildlife features a small zoo, several terrace restaurants and an abundance of hiking trails.
  1. Musee Ariana – This sight occupies a large area near the UN campus.  Here you will find over 16,000 unique ceramic pieces from the Far East and Europe.
  1. Parc la Grange – This is Geneva's largest park.  It runs along the lake and contains the biggest rose garden you will ever see as well as a horticultural center.  During the summer on Wednesday and Friday nights, there are free concerts hosted here by the Vendure Theatre.
  1. Horloge Fleurie – While you are sightseeing in Geneva, you simply must take your camera over to the Jarden Anglais to see the largest floral clock in the world.  It takes 6,500 plants to create this 20-ft face.  It tributes the perfection associated with Swiss timepieces and its stunning appearance changes every season.
  1. Eaux Vives Park – This park is on a sloping hillside near Parc la Grange.  Here you will find an 18th century castle which now serves as a restaurant.
  1. The United Nations Building – You can now take guided tours through this gigantic building built in 1930.  It was originally made for the League of Nations but since 1946, it has housed the UN.
  1. Maison Taval – The last thing to make sure you visit while sightseeing in Geneva is the private residence that formally belonged to the Taval family.  After many reconstructions and being turned into a museum and you will find the urban history of the city here.  Admission is free and guided tours are available upon request.