Fun Places To Go

Fun Places to Go in Las Vegas While On a Budget

There are numerous fun places to go while in Las Vegas, even if you’re on a budget. With a recent trend towards family appeal, Las Vegas has been creating family-friendly attractions that don’t involve spending your mortgage payment. Despite how this may sound, these places and attractions are not all geared strictly to parents. Many of them are must-do activities for any tourist dropping by for a visit.


The Bellagio is one of the more surprising fun places to go in Vegas. It’s a very opulent hotel and casino, so one might be surprised that any free entertainment is available at all. Before your guard goes up, remember that the Bellagio is the home to Las Vegas’ famous dancing fountains that have been featured in several movies. Everything from Bach to Faith Hill is played, and the fountains are computer programmed to “dance” to the music.

When you’re done watching the show, or if it is going to be a while before the show starts, step inside the casino itself and head to the Conservatory. The Conservatory is a breath-taking indoor garden with animatronic gnomes, trees, and sprites. In addition to this, tens of thousands of flowers are incorporated into each seasonal design. Walk through the garden and take in the almost overpowering sights and smells. You will be hard pressed to find a better photo opportunity on the strip.

Circus Circus

Although not one of the nicer casinos on the strip, Circus Circus is wildly popular for family entertainment. It features hourly circus acts with high flying trapeze artists as well as clown acts and a midway with carnival games and huge prizes. Bonus: the games aren’t rigged to be impossible to beat.

If you’re looking for something a bit more thrilling, $25 will gain you a full day pass into Adventuredome, a huge indoor amusement park. Adventuredome houses dozens of rides and attractions, and can easily fill an entire day with some absolutely terrifying thrill rides. In addition to the rides you can also find Asian name art, laser tag, and even climbing walls. During the fall, Adventuredome is transformed into Frightdome, one of the top 5 scariest places to be in America.

Treasure Island

For a while, Treasure Island cancelled its pirate battle stunt show. Tourists and locals alike were confused and outraged by this decision, but luckily the show has returned with a sexier more flashy appearance. This show now features and epic battle between the seductive Sirens and a crew of sailors. It airs in the evening time, and is a staple on the strip, making Treasure Island one of the most fun places to go in Las Vegas.


The MGM is another of the fun places to go for adults and children alike. One of its most popular attractions is the Lion Habitat that features descendents from the original MGM lion that you see roaring at the end of many movies. Rather than just viewing a lion behind a glass enclosure, the Lion Habitat features a glass topped tunnel you can walk through to see the lions at different angles. As it turns out, one of the lions is particularly fond of relaxing directly on top of the tunnel, allowing thousands of people to get within just a couple feet of a real lion; something nearly impossible at an average zoo.

M&M World Academy

Located right next door to the MGM is Showcase Mall that features a 4 story M&M attraction featuring free daily tours designed to quench your thirst for knowledge on all things relating to M&Ms. Tours are given by video versions of the colorful M&M characters, and afterwards you can visit the gift shop that has M&Ms available to you in any color you could imagine. Children and chocolate enthusiasts alike will love this place.