Flirting Technique

A Quick Guide to Flirting Technique

Lots of people want to be noticed by someone of the opposite sex but they don’t have a good flirting technique. Women and men flirt in different ways. Flirting is really an art. You are trying to tell the other person that you are available and interested in them. You can’t be shy about flirting. Developing a flirting technique is just like developing any other skill. With a few tips you can master the art of flirting in no time.

A flirting technique can be a simple little thing you just have never thought of before. Too often men especially embarrass women by trying to use a standard pick-up line. If you are the guy, think about being low-key and subtle. All the experts say that the number one flirting technique is the smile.

Think a smile is just too silly or too simple? The truth is that not only can a smile brighten your day, both men and women look their most attractive when they are smiling. We’re not talking about one of those fake smiles and the key is not to overdo it. Just give the person a nice, casual friendly smile that says you’re feeling happy and you are not unwilling to talk to them.

Another flirting technique that works with both men and women is eye contact. Whether you are across the room or standing next to the person talking, making eye contact is very important. You don’t need to literally stare the other person down, but to make eye contact means that you are an honest, friendly person. Lowering your eyes or not making eye contact can be a sign of shyness or also a sign of insincerity or guilt.

One of the best ways to connect to a woman is to say something complimentary about her. Be sincere and don’t make up things. If a woman is attractive but not movie-star beautiful, she knows it, so don’t use a flirting technique where you say that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Men like to hear compliments as well so if the opportunity arises, don’t be hesitant about telling a guy a positive quality you have noticed.

Women are less apt to approach men because they are either old school and believe that men should take the first step or they are too sensitive to put themselves out there only to be shot down or embarrassed. Men like to think of themselves as knowledgeable. So, one way for a woman to get the attention of a guy is to ask him a question. It can be a simple question, like “where is such-and-such a street?”

If you know something about the man, you can ask a more detailed question. For instance, maybe a friend told you that this guy is really into computers or the internet or another subject. There’s no better time to say that you don’t know anything about computers and maybe he could show you how to fix yours or use yours. Of course, if you are a computer genius yourself, be honest, and instead comment on your similar interests.


Men who give off an air of confidence already have an excellent flirting technique. That said, there is a big difference between confidence and just having too much attitude and acting arrogantly. Be yourself. You cannot pull off acting confidently. You are either confident or not, and women have that figured out before you say your first word. Confidence is just having faith in yourself. It is gained by experience.

An unsuccessful flirting technique for guys is to start a conversation with the woman by talking about yourself, your work, car or any other possessions. Self-interest and cockiness are both sure turnoffs that will send women heading in the other direction.

The key to any good flirting technique is to make it not seem like a technique. Whether you are a man or a woman, just be open, honest, cheerful about yourself and see what develops.