Flirting Signals

Figure Out Their Flirting Signals

When you are interested in someone you may be looking for some flirting signals that will let you know they are interested in you as well.  These may be difficult to understand if you do not know the person very well.  A new love can be exciting so finding out if he or she really likes you just adds to the thrill of it all.  This article is going to look at many of the flirting signals that you may have missed or maybe you have noticed and just were not sure.

Raising one’s eyebrows is thought to be a sign that this person is viewing you as a potential mate.  This person may not even realize that they are doing it but it can be a sign that he or she sees something that they like.  This sign of flirting may also go hand in hand with long glances or holding eye contact from across the room.  If you are on the other side of the room and a member of the opposite sex is staring at you and they hold eye contact with you, he or she is most likely interested in you.  If this person can not get a good glance with long eye contact you may notice that he or she frequently looks your direction or they are looking at you from the corner of their eye.  They are definitely interested in something that they can not break away from.

Flirting signals will often be accompanied by fidgeting as well.  Females will most often flick their hair. You may notice that this takes place even when the girl has short hair.  Playing with their jewelry is also another sign that there is some chemistry there.  Males will engage in this type of behavior as well.  You may notice that he is playing with his tie or the change in his pocket.  Many people think that these things indicate nervousness.  However, if they a following long stares you may be sparking a love interest.

Have you even been in a room with a member of the opposite sex and he or she leans in to hear you a little better?  Well, think about that one because if it really is not that loud in the room this person may be giving you a sign that he or she simply wants to be closer to you.  What could be more exciting than flirting signals that point towards being closer? 

You should also be aware of unconscious flirting signals.  These may include simple things like looking at the others person mouth, arms and legs.  If you are attracted to someone you are going to want to check them out completely.  The same goes for a member of the opposite sex that is interested in you.  The game goes both ways and you may not even realize what is going on.  Get in tune with these simple little things that may be signs of attraction.

More obvious are the flirting signals that involve touching the other person.  Maybe you have touched their arm or leg.  Maybe he or she has done the same thing to you.  These are more strongly seen as signs as flirting.  This is especially true if you have noticed the other signals that have been discussed in this article.  If you are really interested in someone you may want to attempt to put some of these moves on them.  Take the time to think about your relationship with that person.  You may find out that he or she has been putting off some really strong flirting signals lately and you just missed them.