Female Attraction

Rules Of Female Attraction

Female attraction is an easy to read, open book yet some mention just completely miss the hints.  Females of all ages show the same signs if they are attracted to you, regardless of age.  It is like they all had a special class in school that was only for them where they learned to flirt and give subtle hints that they are interested.  When those hints don't work, they move on to more obvious methods until it gets through the man's head the message they are trying to get across.  

Unfortunately, some men still don't pick up these clues.  If this is you, chances are, you missed the how to read female attraction class in school.  Don't worry, these are skills that you can learn and practice.  The secret to understanding women is learning how to read her body language.  Once you figure a few things out and know the signs to watch for, you'll probably realize there have been tons of them flirting with you all along.

Popular Signs To Watch For


Other Signs To Look For