Famous Bears

Interesting Facts about Non-Fiction Famous Bears

The topic of famous bears is probably not something that you often think about.  On the off chance that you do hear about a bear on the news you may not think about that bear for long.  However, they have been known to leave their mark.  This article is going to look at some of the non-fiction famous bears that have made their way into our society over the years.

Bruno was the first brown bear to be seen in Southern Germany in over a century.  He was the cause for a lot of uproar as he was the reason for many toys and even an online game.  However, he was considered dangerous as he was in the wild and killing a lot of animals.  He was actually killed after a shoot to kill policy was put into place.  He continued to cause a stir even after his death as many people were outraged at his death and wanted to know why tranquilizer darts were not used to safe his life.

In 1994, at an Alaskan zoo, a few visitors at the zoo did not pay attention to the safety bars that were around Binky the bear’s enclosure.  They were attacked by Binky when they entered his area.  Not all famous bears are dangerous as is the case with Brody the bear.  He appeared on Good Morning America in 1995 when he was only 12 weeks old.  He even made his way onto the cover of National Geographic in 2001.  He has been very busy as he has been in numerous print ads, commercials and television shows.  Speaking of famous bears that have been in television, have you ever wondered the name of the bear that was in the James Bond movie Octopussy?  Well, that would be Hercules.  He was also a famous side kick of a Scottish wrestler by the name of Andy Robin.  Flocke was a polar bear that was born and raised in captivity at the Nuremburg Zoo.

While it is not advised to own a bear and attempt to raise it on your own, you can see that people have done it in the past and helped the bears reach their stardom.  When you read a book and see a bear on the cover you probably never think about what that bears name is or how it made it to the cover of the book in the first place.  You can spend hours in libraries on the internet researching famous bears.  This is the only way to get their story.

If you are interested in bears and you conduct this research on your own, you may find that there are hundreds of famous bears.  You may have seen many of them over the years and did not realize that they had a name.  You may have seen the same bear numerous times on the television or in magazines and did not realize that either.  It is interesting to find out that even bears have a history, a starting place, and the owners are usually the only ones that are aware of it.

If you decide that you want to look at other types of famous bears you can begin looking at fictional characters as well.  Many of us know famous bears like Yogi bear and Smokey the bear.  It may be interesting to find out who they were created as well.  It is not hard to find information on these American icons either.  You just have to know where to start your search.  Famous bears exist everywhere.  It is just a matter of being interested enough to find the information and learn their stories.