Family Portrait Ideas

Original And Useful Family Portrait Ideas

Unless you want the same photo that you have seen through the years of individuals placed in a fabricated, fake scene, all facing the same way and looking into the invisible corner, you should read this for fabulous, unique and fun family portrait ideas.  It is important to take the time to document the changes and growth that take place in your lives.  Regardless if your portraits are elegant pieces of artwork or just fun and quirky pieces of personality, they make great gifts and are ideal to transform into holiday cards and calendars.


Special and memorable locations make excellent family portrait ideas.  You could pick the beach and build a sandcastle for the centerpiece of the photo and bring a giant umbrella as a prop.  Additionally, your family could scout a favorite or unique-looking tree to sit in front of or you could gather beautiful botanical garden.  If you family is the outdoor, adventurous type, perhaps you might enjoy renting one canoe for your family to sit in and then another canoe for the photographer to float up beside you to take the pictures.  You could also go back to where your children had their first birthday party or camping trip and take pictures there many years later as a reminder or even annually to admire the changes that have occurred through the years.

Taking a family vacation?  Your hotel or resort should be able to recommend and even schedule a photographer for you wherever you happen to be.  The location does not have to be anywhere extravagant, just somewhere other than a studio.


Photo montages are great family portrait ideas because you do not see them very often.  Family members are separated into many different groups to have an assortment of photos taken and then the photographer takes several small photos to create one large montage.  These are ideal if you are looking for family portrait ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary gift because the entire family can schedule times with the photographer individually and around their busy schedules.  You can also have the photographer incorporate older family photos into the montage as well.


Theme photos are fun family portrait ideas, especially for larger families.  You can do a sports theme or have everyone wear matching colors.  If you want some real originality, have everyone dress up from an era in history or as cowboys and Indians, etc.  If your family enjoys golfing, everyone could dress up in golf clothes and have the photo taken at a golf course, holding clubs.   There is not a rule that says that everyone has to be dressed in their Sunday best when taking family portraits.


Pets are always great to add when searching for family portrait ideas.  You can have your dog wear a bandana or a bow to match what everyone else is wearing.  If it is a Christmas photo, they sell antlers and Santa hats that are made specifically for dogs that always add character to photos.

Many portrait photographers work specifically with animals and how to incorporate them into photos.  These professionals are skilled at making your pets comfortable and getting them to pose for the camera.  You may actually be surprised at how well they “sit” and “stay” for them when they pretend to not hear you at home.  If you are adding dogs to your family portrait, it is a good idea to walk them first to burn off a little energy before you get to the studio.  It is also always recommended to bring their favorite toy, treats and a grooming brush for any last minute primping that needs to be done.