Facts About Gandhi

Interesting Facts About Gandhi

It is not very difficult to find facts about Gandhi.  He played a very important role fighting for the rights of individuals in India and helping them become independent.  He is a very interesting person to study because he had such a large influence on other world leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.  This article is going to cover some interesting but basic facts about Gandhi so that if you are not familiar with him you will be when you are done reading it.

First of all, he was born in India on October 2nd in 1869.  His parents taught him a lot about being compassionate for other people.  They helped him learn important values that are often neglected by parents in today’s society.  He got married when he was 13 years old and he had two children.

He attended law school in London and he established a law office in South Africa.  He is very famous for helping people in India by working to help them be able to make their own salt.  He did this by leading the Salt March so that the people in his land would not have to purchase salt off of the British.  This march was 200 miles long.  In order to prove how important it was for India to be free from Great Britain, he also fasted for 21 days.  These are just a few important and interesting facts about Gandhi.

In 1921 he became the leader of the Indian National Congress.  At this time he worked very hard to end poverty and he fought for women’s rights.  This shows the types of values and morals that his family taught him.  However, his hard work was not without heartache.  He did spent time in and out of prison over numerous years because of his beliefs and his works.  However, he never lost his edge and he never stopped fighting for what he believed in and what he felt was best for the people of India.

In 1946 he participated in the post World War II negations between Indian and Great Britain.  This resulted in India becoming independent from Great Britain.  The year after that he was shot and killed.  While this was a tragedy, he did get to see his greatest battle come to an end as his people were moving towards freedom.  His hard work was not in vain and it has resulted in motivation related to other great leaders that we have seen throughout history.

Gandhi left his mark on the world and that is easy to see.  He laid the ground work and foundation for what the world should be.  He has been the topic of numerous movies that have even won academy awards.  It is easy to see why he is the idea person to portray in a movie.  He was brought up in a family that valued others and their needs.  If everyone thought like he did we may be better off today.  We have so many complications and problems in the world that it appears no one knows where to start.  Facts about Gandhi show that we need to start with compassion and understanding.  This is a value that needs to be worked into all families and the youth of America.

If you are interested in facts about Gandhi you can always research this topic in more detail.  You may find him inspiring as you set out on your own pathways to making a better future for yourself and those around you.  It is easy to see that following in his footsteps would be very tough but also rewarding.