Engagement Photo Ideas

How to Find Engagement Photo Ideas

If you just got engaged or are getting engaged, one of the first things to take care of is to get a photographer and put together some engagement photo ideas. You might think engagement photos are not terribly important in the scheme of things, considering all that will need to be accomplished before the wedding.

But engagement photos are important because they are the first expression of a couple’s love for one another that will be seen publicly. Plus, you will probably use the same photos for several different purposes, such as an engagement announcement mailing, newspaper notifications, the guestbook, wedding program, etc. You will want to come up with some great engagement photo ideas that will reflect the way you feel about one another and the vision you have for your marriage.

You should get a photographer with whom you feel compatible and who understands what your feelings are for one another so they can be captured by the camera. For instance, if you want some creative, fun photos and the photographer seems very stiff and traditional, it may not be a good match. Get a photographer who understands what style you want and has samples that prove he or she is up to the task of taking your photos.

As you start to think of engagement photo ideas, decide whether you want a formal or informal atmosphere and style. Think about things that both of you have a mutual interest in and like to do together. These could be anything you have in common--a love for dogs, horses, skiing, baseball, dancing, hiking, boating, bicycling--anything that you love to do together so that you can plan some different poses of each for each theme.

You do not have to have still photos taken in the studio. You can use nature and have your engagement photos taken in the rain, snow, or sun, in a field of flowers, on a mountaintop, beside different types of buildings and architecture, by a stream or by the ocean. You can use space and light creatively to make all types of background settings. Maybe you want the background to have hot air balloons or a bed of roses, tennis courts, a beach, or be a photo in the park of the two of you throwing Frisbees to your golden retriever.

You can choose a photo shoot location which has special meaning for you, such as the place you met, the location of your first date, a bookstore or coffee shop you frequented, a park, a bakery, a view from a bridge, a college building, an airport, an art gallery or on a particular street.

Whether you live in the city or the country, there are lots of engagement photo ideas. You could do poses at a lake, on a dock, from a mountain or gondola, in a beautiful garden or under the backdrop of a magnificent church. You could take photos in an antique store or flower shop, at a zoo, on motorcycles or in a horse buggy,

You should have a variety of poses taken in different lights and angles. You could find humorous settings, amid a background of balloons, eating ice cream cones, or dressed up in old clothing or with an antique car. There is no end to the types of photos you can have taken.

Before hiring a photographer, look at his or her portfolio to see if the person is capable of taking the type of photo you envision. Maybe you want a straight portrait shot, action photography or something even more creative. Whatever you decide, just make sure the final product reflects your vision of what you wanted for your engagement photos.