Emotional Attraction

The Importance of Emotional Attraction in a Relationship

Although chemistry is important in a romantic relationship, so is emotional attraction. In fact, emotions are probably more important over the course of time. Without a strong emotional connection to your partner, your relationship can eventually fall apart. For a strong relationship couples not only need physical attraction, but they must be able to connect emotionally, as well as intellectually. If you have all three of these ingredients, your relationship can grow and become strong enough to withstand the test of time.

Emotional attraction in a relationship helps to create a strong bond between the two people; in most cases the bond is evident, even to those outside of the relationship due to the fact that there are actually visible signs of this emotional bond with a couple.

When there is emotional attraction there will be a certain look that the people will give to each other; and when they are looking at one another it is like no one else is present at all. This is something just about everyone in the room will pickup on. When two people look at each other with love, it is obvious, as the look that passes between them says more than any words or action could.

If there is a situation where there is emotional attraction along with physical attraction, the bond can be extremely powerful. When two people share these attractions they will feel almost like they are intoxicated when in each other’s company.

There are several different stages of love in a relationship, and emotional attraction definitely figures into these stages. If a relationship will last through time, you will need to meet all of these different stages.

The very first stage is attraction; this includes emotional attraction and physical attraction. In most cases physical attraction will have to be present before emotional attraction can begin, but not always. If an emotional attachment forms it can lead to emotional attraction before there is a physical attraction. Many people feel this can actually help to make a relationship even stronger than if it begins with physical attraction.

The next stage in a relationship is romance; you absolutely need romance to keep physical and emotional attraction alive. This is basically the act of wooing your partner and may involve something as simple as giving them a flower, or something as exotic as a walk on a moonlit beach in the Caribbean.

Another important element is passion; this is the stage where the couple feels that they cannot be without each other. At this point your relationship can either burn out eventually, or continue on to the next stage of development.

Intimacy is a necessity for a successful relationship. When a couple is intimate they are sharing everything about themselves and develop trust. If there is true intimacy in a relationship, you should be able to share anything with each other, but don’t expect this to happen overnight, as this type of trust takes time.

The last and final stage of a relationship is commitment. Though most people think of commitment as not being with anyone other than their partner, there is more to it than this. Commitment is being there when your partner needs you, helping through life, etc.

Though emotional attraction is extremely important to a relationship, it is only one step to a successful relationship.