Elk Hunting Tips

A Few Important Elk Hunting Tips

If you are considering hunting to put free food on the table, you may want to learn some elk hunting tips.  Wapiti or elk are some of the largest mammals in the deer family. They are found all over the world and are hunted for their meat. Elk live in the forest and survive on grass, leaves and even wood bark. The male of the species can be easily identified by their huge antlers. They are the most sought after elk because of their large size.

When hunting these large creatures there are elk hunting tips that may be useful. Things like what to take and where to hunt are probably the first things that come to mind. But there are plenty of other good pointers when it comes to hunting elk. These elk hunting tips and advice can help anyone interested in the sport of hunting.

You will first have to purchase a hunting license to hunt anywhere within the United States. This is a law that is strictly enforced and if you are caught with out a license, you may have to pay some hefty fines. It is a good idea to place your license in a plastic folder and safety pin it onto your back. This way it can clearly be seen and there will be no doubt that you are complying with the law.

The next step is finding out where to hunt. Elks migrate and they like the cold weather. There are also only specific times that you can hunt elk. So you must have a plan on where you will be hunting. Remember that if you are going to be hunting on someone else’s property, you must have their permission to be there. It may be a good idea to hunt on state grounds, where you know you are welcomed.

Depending on what time of year it is you may want to use a rifle or bow and arrow to kill an elk. Rifles are more precise and easier to work with. Bows are light weight, easy to carry, and not so precise. There are good and bad points for both, but the choice is yours to make. Another thing to remember is that during mating season the male elks become very aggressive. You may not have a lot of time to aim and shoot a bow before the animal tries to attack you. These elk can be very dangerous and injure a hunter in no time flat. But if it is feeling unusually amorous the hunter even has a bigger problem. He can become the object of the elk’s affection and that is another dangerous proposition. This is why many elk hunters only use rifles.

If you are thinking about what to take while hunting, you can decide this by how long you plan on being away from home. If you will be camping or spending a few days hunting, you will want to bring a tent and warmer clothing. You will also need food, water and a compass. You may want to bring things like a camera or binoculars. All of these things are fine but you must consider the weight of what you are taking.

Hunting season in most areas means cold frigid weather. Whatever you end up taking with you must fit in your back pack, so you will not be able to bring a lot of warmer clothing or accessories. You must be able to carry all of your possessions on your back and track through miles of snow with the added weight. So you must decide what is most important and what isn’t.

If you think about these elk hunting tips, you can begin to plan out the perfect hunting adventure.