Dried Mealworms

How To Make Your Own Dried Mealworms

Dried mealworms are a preferred food choice for a large assortment of animals including turkeys, chickens, turtles, frogs, rats, bats, goldfish and nearly every bird.  They are high in both amino acids and protein and although live mealworms have to be stored in your refrigerator, the dried variety does not and they last for well over a year.

Many people choose to simply keep live ones on hand because they will continuously reproduce when they are provided with the proper environment but once you get so many of them, you have to start free-roasting them to preserve for future use.  Dried mealworms not only last a lot longer, they take much less room to store.  Not to mention, this process also preserves the protein.

Roasting Mealworms

To get started making your own dried mealworms you will need mature species, disposable roasting pans, cornmeal, powdered calcium supplement and a grill.

Feeding Mealworms

To ensure the quality of your dried mealworms, you need to start with a healthy product.  They are high in phosphorus but deficient in calcium so you need to balance their diet while they are still alive to make sure the food that you are feeding your pet is full of all the nutrients that they need.

You will need vegetables, fruits, plastic containers and bowls, calcium powder and bran cereal.  Begin by lining either a plastic container or a jar with bran cereal and place the mealworms on top.  Next, cut up some fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots, yams and apples into one inch chunks and sprinkle vitamin D and calcium powder on them.  Add this to the container with the mealworms and they will feed on it.


Avoid putting them in the fridge right away because they eat a whole lot more at room temperature so at least leave them out for a little while.  Replenish the supply of fruits and vegetables every couple of days and add more bran once a week or as needed.

When feeding mealworms to animals, you need to keep in mind that they will still require an alternate calcium source for them to have a well-balanced diet.