Dreams About Spiders

The Ins and Outs of Dreams About Spiders

As with all dream symbols, dreams about spiders can represent a number of different things. If you are repeatedly having dreams that contain specific symbols, such as spiders of other animals, you may want to analyze your dreams for a time to see what the presence of spiders means to you.

Dream analysis is not an exact science, of course, but many people find it helpful to determine what certain dreams are trying to say. Different dream symbols and themes mean different things to everyone, but there are some common threads that can be found in specific dream characteristics.

Dreams about spiders frequently have an emphasis on femininity, because the spider is seen as a symbol of feminine power. Other spider dreams may indicate feelings of being an outsider, and they may signify a need to protect yourself from some outside force or temptation.

Although it is quite common and expected behavior in life, killing a spider in a dream is actually a sign of bad luck. On the plus side, if the spider in your dream is alive and climbing up a wall, this is seen as a sign of good luck.

Dreams about spider webs or spiders spinning their webs are commonly associated with career and work-related issues, perhaps because the spider is viewed as a busy creature, spinning its webs through the day. When set in a work or professional atmosphere, dreams about spiders can symbolize promotion or getting credit for finishing a big job or exceeding at a particular task. Spiders and spider webs are also symbols of creativity, so spider dreams may indicate an upcoming burst of creation or an unacknowledged desire for adding some creativity to a certain area of your life.

Besides the bad luck associated with killing a dream spider, there are some other negative connotations to dreams having to do with spiders and the webs they weave. A spider web may represent being caught up or ensnared in something that is dangerous or unhealthy for you. This symbolization could hold true in situations were you may feel suffocated or trapped, as prey would feel when they are entangled in a spider’s web. Being tangled in a web can be a good indicator that you find yourself stuck in a complex relationship with no obvious way out.

Dreaming that a spider has bitten you is often seen as a symbol of conflict with a female who plays a dominant role in your life. This could be a female boss, a spouse or even your mother. Along these same lines, being bitten by a spider can mean that you feel out of control in a relationship situation.