Dreams About Death

A Quick Guide to Dreams About Death

Dreams about death can be some of the most disturbing of all dreams, especially when they are vivid and cling to your memory throughout the day. When we dream about the death of someone we love, it often leaves us feeling sad and unnerved. Having a dream about our own death can be even more startling for obvious reasons.

There are a number of meanings associated with dreams about death, and like all dream interpretations, they vary based on the individual and their circumstances. Death means different things to different people. In life, it represents a substantial loss – at least when talking about someone we love. Our own death signifies an even more complete and total loss.

In dreams about death, however, things are not quite so permanent and glum. It would seem that most death dreams are simply a product of our subconscious trying to tell us something. In fact, this is the case with most dreams, even more so with those that are particularly vivid or repetitive. Many people believe that dreams are simply another form of communication with our self, from our self. In order to decipher what our dreams are trying to tell us, we must try to interpret the meaning of the various symbols our dreams contain.

Dreaming that a living loved one is dead does not mean that person is headed for doom. Remember dreams are a part of our own subconscious. They are not tellers of the future. Dreams about a loved one’s death usually symbolize a lack somewhere in our own lives. For example, the person that dies in a dream may have a characteristic or personal quality that is missing in your life, something that you feel you need.

In order to figure out what that person has that you need or want, you should meditate on the circumstances of the dream and think about that person. Try to figure out what they have that you may be missing. Perhaps this person represents something that has never been a part of your life or something that you have the desire to achieve.

Dreaming of your own death can mean something all together different than dreaming of the death of someone else. Frequently, dreams about dying signify the death of a time period or phase of your life. Perhaps you are leaving one career for another, or maybe you are moving to a new place or getting married. All of these life changes, while not negative or death-like at all in real life, signify the end – or death – of something in the past.

Death dreams can also mean that you are getting ready for a spiritual reawakening and are prepared to discard old spiritual tendencies for something newly born inside of you.