Dog Deterrents

Best Dog Deterrents

Dog deterrents can be a necessity if you work in a type of job that requires you to confront overly protective pooches.  Firefighters for example, sometimes have to enter a home when only the pets are home and this can sometimes lead to some hairy situations.  For such professionals, dog deterrents are necessary.

Ultra-Sonic Dog Deterrents

The best and least intrusive of all dog deterrents that people can buy is an ultrasonic dog deterrent.  Ultrasonic dog deterrents work by using dog’s special range of hearing against them.  Because dogs are capable of hearing tones that we are not, we can set a particularly annoying tone for a dog so that when the dog misbehaves or threatens you, you can simply zap him with an ultra-sonic stunner.

Irritating though this tone is, it does no harm to the barker, regardless of size and breed.  In fact, many people use it for training their canine charges, giving them a simply zap when necessary.  It is actually much safer than the electric shock collars that some people use for the canine etiquette training.  It is not, however, ideal for training since the causal connection between the dogs action and the response is not always clear to all dogs.

The ultra-sonic doggy shocker works for a range of about five to seven yards, which means that you won’t be driving all the dogs in the neighborhood crazy with a little zap from it.  Of course, you don’t want to be zapping your dog all day long with it, but if you use it judiciously, it can be a great alternative to usual types of deterrents.

An ultra-sonic device is also not that expensive.  You can probably find one at one of the local stores in your town, but if not, you can order one online.  There is a wide range of varieties but you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Other Deterrents

Of course, sometimes you need a solution for a dog that is entering your property and destroying your vegetable garden when you are not present.  You will find several recommendations for this kind of problem on line.  The first course of action should be to find the dog’s owner and ask the neighbor to keep his canine buddy from peeing on your prize tomatoes.  This can, of course, be a little bit of an awkward situation and if you have a problem neighbor, he or she may simply dismiss your concerns.  When this happens, you might consult your local town hall to see if you have a leash law that requires your neighbor to keep his or her dog contained.

To the extent possible, you should try to avoid becoming litigious.  You might try creating a barrier to keep animals out of your garden.  You will also find a series of home remedies that people recommend for keeping dogs out of your yard.  People will recommend a series of concoctions like mixes of peppers and even certain type of urine.  More extreme measures may go as far to suggest installing an electrified fence.  (This should be done with caution as an electric fence could injure unsuspecting children and passersby and lead to a series of other problems.)  You will even find those that recommend installing doggy booby traps in your garden to give the interloping pooches some most unpleasant surprises.  Most of these suggestions are not only impractical to install but are likely to clutter your garden and reduce the pleasure that you get from it.

One thing that you can actually do is to install an ultra sonic stunner that is connected to a motion detector.  This will activate whenever something enters your garden and may actually have some effects not only as a dog deterrent but also as a deterrent for other forms of wildlife with similar auditory ranges.