Dodgeball Tips

Effective Dodgeball Tips

If you will be playing dodgeball on a regular, more serious basis you will want to have some dodgeball tips that will help you improve your game.  The tips that you learn will help you effectively play the game so that you can be the best and win.  This article will give you some tips to help you improve your game and improve each time that you get onto the court.  Take the time to read these tips and practice if you are serious about your game.

Dodgeball tips will definitely talk about being able to catch the balls that are coming your way.  It is important to be able to catch these balls because that is how you take a player out.  One of the dodgeball tips that you need to remember is to catch as many balls as you possibly can.  If you are not good at catching the balls you can work on tipping the ball up into the air for another player to catch.  Keep in mind that you are not playing this game alone.  Therefore, use the other players because they are there to help you.

Do not make any attempts to catch the ball during a game unless you are 100% certain that you can actually catch the ball.  The reason for this is very simple.  If you attempt to catch the ball and you fail at this task and drop the ball, you will be eliminated from the game.  You are trying to avoid this from happening. You want to remain in the game for as long as possible.  Because of this, you do not want to attempt to catch the ball unless you are certain that you can actually catch it.

There is an easy way to get the other players out of the game.  You will need to work with your teammates on this play but it really does work.  You need to wait until the other team has thrown both balls over to your side.  Now, you take one ball and another teammate takes the other ball.  One of you needs to throw the ball really easy so that the opposition can catch it.  Just when they go in to catch the ball, you throw the other ball at that person and get them out.  This is very easy and effective.

Do not increase your chances of being hit with the ball.  If you are not able to catch the ball very well you may want to remain towards the back of the line. You do not want to remain up front where you are open to being hit by the other team.  Only move forward if you have a ball to throw.  This is the best time to make your way forward.  You may also want to be loud as you make your move forward.  If you are able to provide a distraction you will increase the likelihood of hitting another player because they will not be able to focus.

As you can see, dodgeball tips revolve around being able to catch the ball.  If you are not able to catch the ball then you need to communicate that to your teammates.  Talk about what aspects of the game you are good at.  You will then be able to identify what you can do effectively to help the team.  You will really enjoy this game if you are able to work with your teammates.  No one likes to be out first so you need to work on your skill and find out what you are good at. Once you have identified this you will be able to work with the team effectively.