Dodgeball History


About the History of Dodgeball & the Game

The history of dodgeball goes back quite a ways. Any type of games that involves a ball, and the players doing what they can to avoid being hit by the ball is technically classified as dodgeball.




Throughout the history of dodgeball this game has evolved; today this is a team sport that is often played in school. This game is played in grade schools, as well as junior high and high schools. In addition, dodgeball is played in college, and professionally. This game is often played on a field, but it schools it is also played in the gym during P.E classes.

The history of dodgeball in the United States is quite long, but today this sport is becoming popular in other areas of the world. Although in the beginning there were not many rules to dictate how this game was played, nowadays there are some rules that players have to follow.

When playing dodgeball there are rules that dictate the number of players on each team that can be playing at the same time. When a player is eliminated he can reenter the game only if it will not exceed the maximum number of players. In addition, players must reenter the game in the same sequence in which they were eliminated.

As for dodgeball equipment, it is typical for dodgeballs to be 3 to 6 balls in a game, depending on the number of players and the size of the playing field. Dodgeballs can be made of any material and be any size.

Throughout the history of dodgeball, the rules have changed though the basics have remained the same. During a dodgeball game players will throw the ball at people on the opposite team, trying to hit them and get them out. The ball must not hit the ground before it hits the opposing team’s player or it does not count. If the player catches the ball being thrown at him or her, then the person that threw the ball is out.

When balls go out of the playing area, the players can retrieve the balls, but cannot throw them until they are back in the playing area. Players can also pick up a dead ball and throw it, as long as it has not left the playing court. If a ball is thrown from outside the court, it will not count to eliminate a player, though the person that threw the ball can be eliminated for breaking the rules.

Another common rule is that if you are holding a ball, it can be used to block a ball coming at you and you will not be eliminated from the game. To win the game one team must eliminate all of the players from the opposing team.

There is a form of Japanese dodgeball that is similar to the game commonly played in the United States, though some of the rules are different. Though in the history of dodgeball it was not considered to be a very important sport, today many people enjoy playing this game. There are even professional organizations for dodgeball, such as the National Armature Dodgeball Association, and the International Dodgeball Federation.