Do Pheromones Work

Answering The Question: Do Pheromones Work?

Do Pheromones work? This is a question that many people ponder if there is a special someone they would like to win over. Before you can determine if pheromone attraction is a reality or a myth, you must first discover what pheromones are, and how they work.

If you want to know, do pheromones work you have to understand that pheromones are actually a chemical that is released by living organisms into the surrounding environment. Pheromones are basically a chemical that enables a living organism to communicate with others of its own species.

There are actually different types of chemicals known as pheromones, and even insects release this chemical into the environment. One type of pheromone for insects is the type that tells others of the same species there may be a problem. For example, if an ant suddenly becomes alarmed, it will release a chemical that can be detected by other ants within the same vicinity; those ants will be attracted to that chemical.

Bees release the same type of chemical; this is why if you are near a beehive and you have alarmed one or two bees, you can be sure there will be many more to deal with very quickly. Those two bees have released a pheromone chemical that has alerted the others to danger.

When people ask, do pheromones work, what they are usually referring to is sex pheromones. The female of most species do release a chemical known as pheromones that will attract males of the same species.

Although human females do produce sex pheromones, they do not produce them in large amounts. Another thing to consider is that the attraction to these pheromones is very selective. A male will be attracted to the scent of a certain female based on their genetics. What this means is that one female’s pheromones might be very attractive to a male, while another’s pheromones might actually be offensive to that same male.

When asking, do pheromones work there are a few things that you might want to consider. The first being that the pheromones that you can purchase for this purpose are basically synthetic, for that reason alone, they may be ineffective. In addition, there have been no studies that indicate that these pheromones will attract a female to a male, or visa versa. It is also possible that if these synthetic chemicals do work, it would probably only work if you were the only male or female in close proximately to the person you are trying to attract.

Another thing to consider is that the price of synthetic pheromones is very high, and there is absolutely no proof that this will work to attract a mate. A lot of people that have experimented with using pheromones claim they experienced nothing different when it came to attracting those of the opposite sex.

Instead of investing a lot of money in pheromones, it might be a better to invest that money in improving your self-confidence, possibly a new wardrobe and makeover. These things will probably provide you with far better results than buying a synthetic chemical that may have absolutely no affect at all.

Do pheromones work? The answer to that questions is probably not, and even if they did, there is no telling how strong the attraction would be, or if that person would be attracted or repelled by this synthetic chemical.