Dealing With Insecurity

Tips for Dealing with Insecurity

Dealing with insecurity can do more than just make you feel bad. It can strain – and sometimes destroy – relationships. Even worse, insecurity is something that can be passed down to your children. Here are some tips for dealing with insecurity.




Locate the Source

What is the source of your insecurity? Were you overweight as a child? Did the other kids tease you when you had to wear braces? Of course, not all insecurity will stem from such relatively innocuous events, but some will.

In some cases, if you can isolate the source of your insecurity, you will be in the best possible position for learning to overcome it.

Focus on the Good

People who are insecure tend to always focus on what they see as negatives about themselves. For example, they might be very successful at work, but rather than focusing on that, they will dwell on their failure at a hobby or in a relationship.

One of the best tips for dealing with insecurity is to make a point to focus on all of your successes and on the things that you like about yourself. This will leave less time for dwelling on the negative.

Get Better!

Another rather obvious tip for dealing with insecurity is to work toward becoming better in a variety of ways. Are you insecure about being overweight? If so, then you should start eating right and working out. Are insecure about your career choices? Then start looking into what it would take to change careers. It may not be too late.

The point is that you have to take control over the kind of person that you are and over the life you are choosing to live. It’s not all about luck.  There are many choices that you can make that will influence the outcome of many parts of your life.

If you don’t like something about yourself, then get better! You CAN do it!

Is There a Good Reason?

Sometimes people dealing with insecurity have a good reason to feel the way that they do. One example is a woman who feels insecure in her marriage. Perhaps her husband has had an affair or treats her in a way that would make anyone feel insecure.

If there is a good reason for feeling insecure than you need to work on that rather than trying to deal with feelings of insecurity.

Don’t Pass it On

No matter why you are insecure or how you choose to deal with it, one thing is certain: You do not want to pass it on to your children. That means it is never ok to verbalize your feelings of insecurity around them.

They should only hear you speaking positively about yourself and, even more importantly, about them.

They should not hear you talking about how fat you look or how you never succeed at anything. While you are working to overcome your own feelings of inadequacy keep in mind that you don’t want your kids to have to live their lives while dealing with insecurity.

Dealing with insecurity is not an easy thing to overcome, but you can do it. Hopefully, the tips above can point you in the right direction, but if you feel like you need help, there is nothing wrong with seeing a professional.

Life is too short to waste on dealing with insecurity. The sooner you can learn to overcome such feelings, the sooner you can start to improve your quality of life!