Darts Technique

A Few Useful Darts Technique

When it comes to darts technique for the most of us, either we don't think there really is such a thing, or we think out technique is quite good, when in fact it may be very average or not that good at all. Of course if you throw enough darts you'll eventually get better as time passes, and there are those self taught dart throwers who have more or less mastered the art, but they probably couldn't write a book about it since those things that are self-taught are sometimes difficult to put into words.

A Few Things To Learn, Then Practice And Learn More - Still, there is such a thing as proper darts technique, and if you take the time to study and practice it, you can become quite good at darts in a relatively short time. Practice makes perfect of course, and there really is nothing like experience when it comes to not only being good, but being good consistently.

There's the stance. Stance is as important in darts as it is in most any sport. You need to throw from a comfortable and stable stance to be consistent, not to mention to be accurate as well. There are basics to learn as far as how to grip a dart, and believe it or not there are even a few advanced grip techniques. If you think that holding a dart between thumb and forefinger is all there is to it, you have a few surprises coming.

Once you're in a comfortable and stable stance with a proper grip on the dart, then what? Then, you throw it. As you've probably guessed by now, there's more than one way to throw a dart. It isn't quite as complex as throwing a curve or split-finger fastball, but there are a few nuances. In fact, just as there are basic grips and advanced grips, there are basic throwing techniques and advanced throwing techniques. Finally, there are such things to consider as aiming, strategy, and mind games, both mind games you can play on others as well as mind games you don't want to be playing on yourself (it's called nerves).

One of the nicer things about darts is that, while it can be a little frustrating at times when you suddenly find yourself off your game, it's not nearly as frustrating as golf can be. It's probably a little more like bowling. When you're in the groove, you're unbeatable, and when you're not, it's not always all that difficult to get back into it. You can't say that about golf, or about throwing a baseball for that matter.

The Stance – You can stand facing the board or sideways, whichever is more comfortable. Facing the board gives you a bit more stability; standing sideways makes an accurate throw a bit easier. Your choice really. Keep the feet shoulder width apart, your shoulders level, and your nose lined up with the bulls eye.

The Grip – Above all, the grip should feel comfortable. Balance the dart to find its center of gravity, which is where you want to grip it. Grip lightly, just firm enough so the dart doesn't fall out of your hand. Keep the tip level or pointed slightly up. There are variations, but this is the basic grip.

The Throw – A good throw and a good stance go together. Just make certain your eye, shoulder, the dart, and the spot you're aiming at are perfectly aligned. Keep your throw fluid and relaxed. Watch what others do, especially the experts. It's easier to learn by watching how to do things right and more difficult to detect and correct your own bad habits.

Strategy – Save strategy for later. Mastering the stance, grip, and throw, including a bit of advanced darts technique will take you a long ways. You can start working at being clever later.