Cutting Aluminum

Tips For Cutting Aluminum Safely and Accurately

Cutting aluminum can be a chore for anyone who has never done it before.  When you work with your hands or complete construction work, you are going to need to know how to cut aluminum in a safe way.  You are going to want to protect yourself as well as the aluminum and you do not want to have to start over or purchase more materials.  This article will explain how to cut aluminum with a band saw so that you are prepared for this task.

The first thing you are going to need to keep in mind is the type of blade that you have on your saw.  This is very important because different blades are used for different materials.  You are not going to want to use a blade that is meant for stainless steel if you are going to be cutting aluminum.  You need to be aware of the teeth that are on the blade so that you do not remove too much aluminum at one time.  You do not want to cut the aluminum with an incorrect blade and ruin your aluminum.

Next, you need to think about how you are cutting aluminum.  You are not going to want to take the metal and simply slide it into the band saw like you would with a piece of wood.  This may cause the blade to get stuck and it may ruin your machine.  It could also cause the aluminum to fly off the table and harm you in the process.  You do not want this to happen.  Therefore, you are going to need to have some type of grips or clamps that will keep the aluminum in place so that you do not have a kick back that will hurt you.  You will also want to find a safe way to feed the aluminum through the machine or use a band saw that is strictly used for cutting aluminum.  This is also important to remember and keep in mind because many times you are going to find a band saw for cutting aluminum that will supply a cooling agent to the aluminum while you are cutting.  This is going to cut down on friction that may cause the metal to become very hot.

You will need to prepare yourself as well when you are cutting aluminum.  You will want to be sure that you have a pair of safety glasses or goggles that you will wear to help protect your eyes.  This is very important because small pieces of aluminum will often fly off while you are cutting.  You do not want any of this to fly into your eye and hurt you.  If you are going to work with this material on a regular basis, you are going to want to invest in these glasses.  Each time you cut the metal safely, without harming your eyes, you are increasing the likelihood of becoming injured.

Purchase a pair of heavy, rubber gloves.  These are going to protect your hands so that you are not cut by the metal.  Aluminum is very sharp and you do not want to pick it up the wrong way and hurt yourself.  It can cut very deep if you are not paying attention.  Therefore, wear gloves while you are handling it to avoid this from happening.  However, you also need to be aware of the distance of the gloves related to the band saw blade.  You do not want to run the risk of getting a glove caught in the blade.  This could result in an even more serious injury as your hand or fingers could be cut off.  It is very important to make sure that your gloves and other articles of clothing are not near the blade.