Curtain Cleaning

Helpful Tips for Shower Curtain Cleaning

If you, like many people, have neglected your shower curtain cleaning, it is likely that you have a huge soap scum and water deposit buildup begging for attention. Shower curtains are one of the most frequently ignored items in the house when it comes to regular cleanings for the simple fact that people assume the soap and water hitting them keeps them relatively clean. Unfortunately it is the soap and the dampness from the water that causes the curtains to become stained, mildewed, an unsightly in the first place.

If you’ve been ignoring your shower curtain cleaning and are now facing a seemingly impossible cleaning task, there are things you can do to salvage your shower curtains and save money on replacing them. Be they cloth, vinyl, or just plain plastic, these tips will help ensure that your shower curtains last for years and look brand new.

Basic Washing Guide

For basic cleaning of your shower curtains, you need look no further than their laundry room. Throw your shower curtains in the washing machine and kill two birds with one stone by adding some dirty towels as well. Add a scoop or cupful of your normal detergent and one cup of bleach (preferably color-safe) to the washer and set it to run on a gentle cycle with warm or hot water.

Monitor the cycles, and right after the spin cycle, pause it long enough to remove the shower curtains and re-hang them in the bathroom after wringing out as much water as you can. Don’t worry about the wrinkles; normal showering with hot water will remove those wrinkles within a day or two. If you’ve got guests coming and are in a hurry, you can simply run your shower on with hot water for a bit and let the steam take care of it while you busy yourself with other chores.

Soap Scum Overload

If you use bar soap, you likely have a great deal of soap scum on your shower curtains. A regular wash with some detergent is not going to remove this problem. Instead, you need to enlist the power of vinegar. Throw your shower curtain (vinyl, plastic, or even cloth) into the washer and add one cup of vinegar and your normal amount of detergent as well as some dirty towels. Run them through a gentle cycle with warm or hot water; check the manufacturer’s label for any special cleaning instructions you need to take heed of.

As with the basic washing instructions, you need to stop your curtain cleaning right after the spin cycle and hang the curtains up in the bathroom on the rod so they can dry out. To prevent future soap scum from accumulating, consider switching from bar soap to a liquid body wash.

Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can present many problems in the bathroom, and unfortunately, they have a habit of continually popping up. If you have spotted some on your shower curtains, you can easily remove it with little or no actual scrubbing.

All you need to do to remove mold from your plastic or vinyl shower curtains is to remove them from the rod and place them in the bathtub with some hot water and approximately one cup of bleach. Make sure that the bleach and water are mixed well, and let the curtains soak for 20 – 30 minutes before rinsing them off and re-hanging them.

You can also place your curtains in the washing machine with some extra bleach, but this method takes less time and doesn’t require you to add any extra towels to the load.