Curly Perms

All About Curly Perms and Adding Waves

Many people with dull, straight hair decide to give their hair a makeover by getting curly perms. First brought about in the 1980s, these curly perms have become extremely popular. Not only do people with board-straight hair decide to get perms for something “different,” but even those with semi-curly hair wish to get a perm in order to get even more curl (or to go straight—which is not discussed in this article). However, believe it or not there are a variety of different perms. You can get a perm that will add intense curls or one that will merely add body and waves to straight hair. Perms have definitely come a very long way and are still very popular in today’s society. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about obtaining a perm--curly perms and all.


Curly perms are also frequently referred to as a “permanent wave.” Whatever you wish to call it, you will get the same results: wavy, curly, or straight hair. However, we are here to examine wavy and curly perms, not methods for straightening your hair. Either way, chemicals or thermal treatment is used in order to produce these changes in your hair. Note that despite the term “permanent,” these perms are truly only temporary—as your new hair grows in it will not have these “permed” characteristics.

When considering a perm, there are some very important issues should be discussed or addressed. It is essential to understand that perms do their best on hair that has never been colored or highlighted. Therefore, when getting a perm be sure to update your stylist on your coloring and highlighting history for best results. However, perms do fantastic with people that have very thick hair. Another thing that people do not consider when deciding to get curly perms is exactly how long they last. A typical perm can last anywhere from two to six months depending on the type of perm you get as well as your hair type—again, the thicker hair you have the longer your perm will hold.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when getting a perm is the time that needs to be allotted for the perm. Your average perm can take anywhere from one to two hours, but this depends greatly on your stylist, amount of hair, and type of hair. Better yet, these perms will take almost thirty hours to completely settle (do not wash your hair during this time!). Therefore, the actual results maybe not be observable immediately after leaving the barbershop.

Moreover, always understand that whether you and your friends are wishing to get  perms, it is highly recommended that you find a skilled stylist and make sure to take a picture of the perm you wish to obtain. This picture will enable your stylist to get an idea of what results you desire instead of leaving your perm results up to hair lingo and hoping for the best. Furthermore, when getting a perm (or hair dyed for that matter) it is never best to just find the cheapest stylist. Instead, do your research and ask your friends before walking into a barbershop to get your curly perm.

In conclusion, obtaining a perm requires a great deal of research and should not be taken lightly. These changes to your hair involve a variety of different chemicals that will make your hair curly or wavy for at least two months (if done correctly). Make sure you are completely aware of the amount of curl you wish to add to your hair and set up a consultation with your hair stylist before going through the process. Always bring a picture in order to give your stylist an idea of exactly what you desire. In the end, when getting a perm, be sure you know what you are wishing for and thoroughly communicate that to your stylist before sitting down in the chair.